Holographic Hair Trend and How to Try It

Ribbons of Color

Cotton Candy Choppy Bob

Multidimensional holographic hair color is a growing trend that steals the show in Instagram and Pinterest images. Far from ordinary, panels of metallic hues in varied intensity can be applied in many ways, including foil and balayage, to create fairy-tale locks on blonde and gray tresses. Dreamy? Yes, please!

Made famous by the social pages of Ross Michael’s Salon, holographic hair is the latest craze. It combines multitudes of pastel hues with metallic sheen to create tresses that are angelic and futuristic all at the same time.

Make your mane magical with holographic hair color and iridescent hues and learn how to get the look. You have to see them to believe that these pastel highlights rule fantasyland.

Pastel highlights require maintenance. And lots of love. To keep your tresses fabulous, you should visit a colorist who specializes in the holographic hair color trend. Scope out salon social pages and Instagram to find a unicorn hair colorist in your area.

Unless your hair is naturally pale, you’ll need to bleach it so that the pastel colors will be visible. After the correct shade of blonde is achieved, panels of color can be foiled in or brushed on to create a multidimensional rainbow of color. If you have gray hair, pastel highlights will add an iridescent opal sheen that’s youthful and radiant.

Calling all shades of opal. Take a peek at these rainbow hair colors before you take the leap. Holographic hair color isn’t limited to varied hues in a typical rainbow style. Get creative with your holographic hair, and you’ll see the sky of creativity is truly the limit. Silver lavender, metallic pink, magical blue, and soft peach all make dreamy combinations of holographic hair color.

A professional colorist is best to hire when you want rainbow highlights. Look at the art behind this process and what it takes to achieve opal hues. Hair must be blonde prior to adding a multitude of pastel hues that create the unicorn-inspired effect.

Crystal Shine

Sleek Long Holographic Hair

To add serious iridescent sheen to pastel hair, you can add a metallic toner. This extra step is ideal if you want more of a gray hair result that’s reflective and that glows.

Holographic Unicorn

Pastel Mid Length Layers

Holographic hair takes many steps and lots of color knowledge. The artful technique seen here proves why it’s best to visit a colorist who’s well trained in pastel highlights. Application is key to transforming your mane flawlessly.

Pastel Placement

Diagonal Holographic Coloring

This holographic color is most magical. The placement of the panels paired with their vibrancy creates a rare sight. A colorist who has a vision for the swirls of color can paint a magical result using varied hues.

Pretty Prism

Rainbow Colored Waves

Thin bands of pastel hues are paired with a metallic tone to create an opal prism of rainbow hair color. The blended effect makes this technique ideal if you want less maintenance, as the regrowth will blend better.

Soft Pastel Highlights

Pastel A Line Haircut

This natural blonde added pastel highlights that are soft and will fade beautifully. This is the way to go if you want a more natural look but still covet unicorn hair. Perfect for the first time you try pastel hair highlights.

Short Holographic Hair

Teal Bob with Jagged Fringe

When paired with an edgy cut and blunt bangs, rainbow holographic hair makes you pretty as a pixie. Consider making a bolder statement and go blue. How enchanting is this hue?

Tie-Dye Inspiration

Teal Hair with Tie Dye

Step aside hippie hair. The new, groovy-inspired style is tie-dyed. This color placement craves lots of movement, so let it down and let it flow.

Opal Bob

Silvery Blue Short Bob

Platinum-hued perfection. Opal hair is a glowing alternative to the gray hair trend. Pack the shine with a sleek cut and glossy finishing product.

Holographic Babylights

Purple Hair with Side Dutch Braid

Long waves show off holographic hair color the best. Use a wide-barreled iron or hot rollers to set curl into rainbow hair. Finger toss to show off the pastel shine in all its brilliance.

If you want to paint your hair pastel but are a little afraid of commitment, there are always a few alternatives you can try and then test out the look before coloring your hair.

Maintaining your rainbow hair takes work because all color eventually fades, especially pastels. Use a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner and opt for glosses in between color treatments to keep your rainbow bright. At home, you can work gloss serums, sprays, and glitters into your mane to make it even more radiant.

Wavy styles show off holographic hair color best so make hot rollers your new best friend. A glossing mist will seal the shine and help your tresses glow. Loose braids, simple hair accessories, and routine maintenance will ensure your mane stays magical.

Whether you call them mermaid, holographic, unicorn, or rainbow, pastel highlights are a trend worth trying (at least once).