Neckline Hairstyles: How to Wear Your Hair with Dresses

Ponytail with Wispy Bangs

Ponytail with Wispy Bangs

Do you keep wondering to yourself: hair up or hair down? Well, we want to help you with this age-old question by suggesting the best hairstyles for each neckline type you probably already have in your closet. Whether it’s a classic round neckline top or a daring halter dress, you need to know which hairdo works best with each of them. Just like a classic red lip and a plain white tee, take a look at these eight necklines and some ideal hairstyles that pair perfectly.

With a high neckline, you will want to show off the details of the neckline by wearing an updo. This could mean anything between a low chignon or a top-knot bun, depending on whether you want to dress-up or dress-down the entire look. But the important thing to take away is that an up-do is the best hairstyle for dresses with high necklines.

Think of a high ponytail or a mid pony like this one, they do make room for bold makeup, bold earrings and a bold outfit. Rock the same confidence of Kim Kardashian, known to sport high necklines with a sleek ponytail.

Old Hollywood Waves

Old Hollywood Waves

Vintage hairstyles are classics which is why they don’t compete with an elegant neckline. Try this if you have medium-length hair and want to keep it down.

Fishtail Braided Updo

Fishtail Braided Knot

Whether you have a geometric neckline on your dress or something tender and lacy like this one, keep your hair up and out of the way. Try a slightly disheveled braided updo to quickly upgrade your outfit.

Sweetheart necklines are simple and feminine and work with a variety of hairstyles. However, they are most commonly chosen for prom or wedding dresses which makes it the perfect occasion for a special hairstyle. To keep it elegant, an up-do works best in order to show off the décolletage. Wispy pieces and hairstyles with braids add intrigue to the otherwise simple sweetheart neckline.

A Textured Lob

A Textured Lob

Show off a bit of skin by pairing a sweetheart neckline with a spunky textured bob. The juxtaposition of sweet and edgy is to-die-for and the simplicity of a bare décolletage makes us swoon.

Voluminous Bun and Headwrap

Voluminous Bun and Headwrap

If you decide to put it up because you want to go for a bohemian vibe, a loose bun pulls it together. Keep the voluminous hair wrapped up for now and let it all down after a few hours of dancing.

Long Retro Waves

Long Retro Waves

The recipe of any princess movie outfit? Long soft curls cascading over her shoulders and an elegant dress with a sweetheart neckline.

A half-up half-down look with your tresses flowing behind you is the ideal hairstyle for V-neck dresses. V-neck dresses are usually 50% cool and 50% sexy, so we recommend a hairstyle that matches that vibe. Pull your hair away from your face and up into a sleek half-bun or a playful braid and let the other half fall down your back.

Twirled Bun Updo

Braided Bun Updo

Sometimes a V-neck can be a little bit edgy, so, to make the look more feminine opt for a brighter color, such as a platinum balayage, and a flowy hairstyle. An elegant knotted updo will stay put all night.

Side-Swept Curls

Side Swept Curls

If you part your hair to the side, a side swept look could be just what you need to add a feminine touch to a V-neck outfit. Using curls and braids, create an eye-catching look like this one.

Braids and Top Knot

Braided Top Knot

Need a relaxed yet put-together ‘do for your V-neck top? Elongate the total look by adding height to your hairstyle with a fun and stylish half-up half-down top knot.

Halters have a loop top that wraps around the neck, and they are very flattering on women with long necks. So, which hairstyle works best with them? Those with short hair would look great with a sleek bob and a halter neckline. You can fake a short bob by pinning your hair under and using decorative clips. Anything longer than the chin length and reaching the shoulder length should be put in a low bun or in big curls to keep the hater in plain sight. Longer hairstyles can vary, as long as they don’t cover up the halter!

Milkmaid Braided Updo

Milkmaid Braided Updo

Milkmaid braids keep the hair away from your neckline (just like we want) but still make for great photos from any angle. Find out which intricate milkmaid braid you like best here.

Elegant Vintage Updo

Elegant Vintage Updo

A lot of vintage dresses you may find, like the rockabilly phase, sport halter necklines. That’s why pairing it with an elegant vintage updo pulls the look together no matter what.

Asymmetrical Rolled Updo

Twisted Textured Updo

Hair accessories take any hairstyle from 0 to 60 very quickly, but they also work to keep intricate hairstyles, such as this one, in place. Bedazzle your next hairdo!

Keep the hairstyle playful and relaxed to contrast a somewhat formal look of a turtleneck. Turtleneck dresses make a statement when you keep the hair classic, either up or down your choice. Because of the 60s vibe of such a neckline, things like center parts, hairpins and straight hair complement that overall look effortlessly.

Side Dutch Hawk

Side Dutch Hawk

Play up a turtleneck dress by bringing back the edge to an otherwise discreet neckline. A match made in heaven: bold hair and a simple outfit.

Teased Knotted Crown Bun Updo

Classic Voluminous Chignon

Any relaxed hairstyle is going to play down the outfit. Because a turtleneck can often come across as “stiff,” it’s best to pair it with something sexy.

Fancy Knotted Chignon

Bedazzled Knotted Low Bun

A perfect combination for a winter office party with a few close colleagues, a turtleneck dress and a sophisticated knotted chignon make a great pair. Spice it up with pins, jewels or, in this case, slinky metal chains.

Round necklines are the simplest and most common you will find. They suit all women and make room for details in the rest of the dress, as opposed to bringing attention to the neckline itself. So, in this case, a variety of hairstyles can work depending on the dress. However, letting your hair down to flow around the neckline is the perfect way to spice up the latter. May your cascading hair be the eye-candy!

Big, Beachy Texture

Big Beachy Texture

Round necklines are simple and sweet, complementing pretty hairstyles like this one. A beachy texture and full wispy bangs are easy to achieve with just a touch of the right product.

Tousled and Pinned Side Updo

Exaggerated Twisted Updo

Perfect for a New Year’s Eve or a festive party, the tousled updo pinned off to one side brings a bit of intrigue to the balanced round necklines most commonly found in dresses.

Accent Braid with Hair Rings

Jeweled Accent Braid

One-sided hairstyles benefit from rounded necklines because they do not distract from the asymmetry of such ‘dos. This accent braid is ringed for a bohemian touch that we love.

Off the shoulder dresses are sassy and give a sexy glimpse of the collarbone, so, they deserve a hairstyle that shows it all off. If it’s a romantic off-the-shoulder look, play it up with two braids running down either side, and if it’s a sleek and sexy off-the-shoulder gown, try a bushy ponytail or a soft up-do. Alternatively, side-swept hair is very eye-catching and pairs beautifully with lace off-the-shoulder dresses, especially asymmetrical ones. In case you decide to wear your hair down, keep the locks flowing down your back so as to not cover up the décolletage.

Messy Braids with Face-Framing Curls

Side-Swept Milkbraid

This balayage hairstyle is all about carefree summer vibes. The feminine look of an off-the-shoulder top pairs well with the innocent bohemian feel of messy braids.

Undone Waves

Natural Textured Hair

Because an off-the-shoulder top can leave you looking bare, sometimes the best option is au naturel. If you have medium to long hair, utilize day-old curls for a natural look.

Half-Up Bandana Pony

Half-Up Bandana Bun

There is something so utterly feminine about a high ponytail and exposed shoulders. Pair it with bold earrings and a bandana to add color and a touch of fun.

The boat neck dress, or the bateau neckline, lowers a bit at the neck and rises towards the shoulders, offering a sneak-peak into the décolletage. It’s great for widening the shoulders and deserves a hairstyle that shows it off. If you have shoulder-length hair, a simple voluminous curl is perfect because it leads the eyes straight to all the beautiful details about your neckline. Anything longer should be put back or up, so as to not cut off the neckline.

Double Braid and Ponytail

Double-Braided Ponytail

Play up your best side by adding a double braid into a classy ponytail with a bouffant. Introducing some face-framing pieces and voluminous curls into the look with many details pulls it all together.

Sleek Floral Bun Updo

Sleek Floral Updo

Boat neck dresses and tops are elegant in nature. Royal ladies often wear them, which is why pairing the bateau neckline with a sleek updo never fails. Add a floral accent if you lack length for a voluminous bun or just because you love flowers in your hair.

Romantic Messy Bun

Romantic Messy Bun

Pulling your hair back when wearing a not-so-revealing boat neck, like shown here, allows for the top to be the star. Keep the hairstyle loose if you want a romantic edge to the overall feel.

There are no rules here. There are only recommendations from the tried and true neckline-plus-hairstyle matches that seem to be bulletproof. Feel free to use this knowledge to style an epic outfit and tresses that show off the neckline instead of hiding it.

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