Hair Care: 15 Myths We Have All Believed and the Truth Behind Them

Thinning Hair

Hair Care: 15 Myths We Have All Believed And The Truth Behind Them

I’m like every other human out there looking for the fountain of youth. Ok, I would settle for a cellulite cream that actually works, but let`s face it, it doesn’t exist. We all want what we don’t have. Those curly haired babes dream of silky, straight hair. The silky, straight haired babes are curling, braiding, and crimping their locks just to give it an ounce of texture. The struggle is real, my friends. Even though I can’t cure the current cellulite problem that plagues most of us women. One can only dream. I can shed a little light on some of the myths, or lies that have been told over the years regarding our crown of glory. Our hair. Here are just a few, 15 actually, that come to my mind…

Hair Care Myths and Truth

Myth. Thinning hair or hair loss only occurs in older women

Truth. There are several different factors that cause thinning and hair loss. Hormones, hormones, hormones! I lost clumps of hair 3 months postpartum. My hormones were so out of whack. Hair loss can also just be hereditary. This accounts for about 95% of hair loss in both men and women. Even if you aren’t hormonal and you don’t have the hair loss gene, you can still experience thinning and hair loss from your hair being over processed with chemicals and coloring or wearing your hair in tight braids or ponytails.

There you have it my friends. The old wives tales we have heard and been told our whole lives and the truth behind them. Some of these you may have already known, however I hope you were able to take at least one little tidbit of new info;) Until next time, beauties. I’m going to go apply my cellulite cream that doesn’t work in hopes of a miracle.

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