7 Hairstyles for Thin Hair That’ll Add Volume


Side Updo With Messy Knots

Fine-hair ladies, where are you? Are you struggling with your lifeless, limp hair? Well, my friends, I have some BIG ideas to make up for the lack of hair you may have. I, myself, don’t have a ton of hair to back me up, so I’m constantly trying to fudge it! Live a little and check out some of my easy tutorials, tips and tricks!

For all of you who say you can’t braid, this tutorial is for you! It may look like a braid… but, it ain’t! Once you get the hang of it, you can pull this off in under 15 minutes.

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Braided Crown, No Flowers Needed

Braided Crown For Second Day Hair

Feeling Boho? Braiding your bangs just ain’t that cool anymore. But, what about a braided crown? Heck, yes! This is a more romantic, organic-looking braid, as opposed to a weird, tight one.

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The Modern Milkmaid

Modern Milkmaid Braids

Once you’ve mastered French braiding, this look can easily be added into your weekly repertoire. Braids are a large part of my weekly go-to styles. They’re easy, fast and look impressive. What more could a gal want?

You can throw glitter on those roots, wear a jaunty cap, put on a flower crown … make it your own!

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Low And Messy Rolls

Don’t know how to braid? No problem, I got your back! Remember topsy turveys in the ’90s? Well, they’re back!

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Panda Puffs

Panda Puffs For Fine Hair

Bunny rabbit? Panda puffs? Whatever you want to call them, I got em, and you can, too! These are like mini-space-buns, but waaaayyy cuter!

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Glam Waves

Platinum Hair With Glam Waves

Look like a hollywood glam gal for a day — who doesn’t want that? These all can’t be quick fixes. It’s a fancy-schmancy look, dang it! Give yourself 20-30 minutes, depending on the thickness of your mane.

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Twisted Romantic Updo

Low Twisted Updo For Thin Hair

The easiest of easy updos. Oh, you don’t have a ton of hair? Don’t worry, you can pull off this look with a bob style or hair long enough to cover your boobs. This is an updo that doesn’t discriminate!

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