10 Hair Extension Myths Busted

Myth Hair Extensions Are Only for Vanity Purposes

Extensions For Fine Hair

Don’t we just love treating our hair and trying new and different hairstyles to brighten our look? Hair extensions come into play here, as they are extremely popular with women of all ages. Available in an array of colors, textures and types, they add dramatic volume and length to hair. Or do they just add problems to your everyday hair care routine? Let`s see!

Hair extensions have become a go-to solution for creating big, luscious, voluminous styles, and for making incredibly complicated updos possible. They are being used to fake bangs, grow out a short haircut, or just elevate your everyday limp mane. However, a lot of us have concerns when it comes to extensions, which obviously holds us back and makes us reluctant to make the leap. Below we’re going to expose the most common and widespread myths about hair extensions.

Most people believe that a luscious mane is a want not a need. But nearly 40% of women notice some thinning of the hair by the age of 35. Many hair loss conditions are treatable, and you may begin to see your hair regrow in some cases. In the meantime, a better solution for dealing with your thinning hair is to consider hair wigs or extensions designed to blend with the natural hair and give a thicker looking appearance without damaging the existing hair. The hair extensions with the lightest density are used for fine hair. They are applied strand by strand to achieve a seamless and natural look.

Myth Hair Extensions Damage Hair

Extension Process

This is probably one of the biggest myths about hair extensions and most women steer clear of trying them due to fear of damage. It is important to note that professionally applied hair extensions will not affect your hair at all. It also depends on the type of extensions—glue-in cheap hair extensions that are glued in the hair can cause damage, since the extensions will take some of the original hair with them when they are pulled out. While the strand by strand, soft bonding extensions are not just long-lasting but also some of the safest and most comfortable ones. It is also imperative to follow the proper hair care routine to avoid any tangling or breakage and make sure to use specific hair extension maintenance products.

Myth Questionable Source of the Hair in Natural Hair Extensions

Multi Colored Extensions

People around the world have been selling or donating their hair for an incredibly long period. High quality human hair extensions from reputed salons come from regular, living people. It is common to notice people come into salons all the time asking to sell their hair for a good price. What also gives premium extensions a high quality and durability is the fact that they don’t get swept off the floor of a salon and instead come right from a person’s long, thick ponytail.

Myth Hair Extensions Will Halt the Growth of Your Hair

Before After Effect

There is absolutely no effect of extensions on hair growth. On average, hair grows half an inch a month and will continue to grow as usual, extensions or not. In fact, extensions are greatly used when women are working on growing their natural hair to a desired length – they do the trick while your hair is trying to catch up. Though, you will be surprised how noticeable the growth is with some types of extensions in a very short period of time. And as the hair keeps growing, you will want to get extensions redone every few months or so.

Myth Hair Extensions Will Be Visible Through Your Natural Hair

Invisible Effect Of Hair Extensions

Professionally-done natural hair extensions use the latest technologies, they are expertly color matched and blended seamlessly into your hair. This means that it is nearly invisible to the onlooker’s eye. But there is an exception to this myth – colorful hair extensions. With these extensions applied to your hair, you in fact, want the colorful locks to be noticed! The trick is the same, where and how you attach the strands so that colors are noticeable but the tape-in, clip-in, or glue-in parts are undetectable!

Myth Hair Extensions Can Only Be Worn in One Style

Loose Braid With Extensions

Hair extensions can be worn in many styles. The only thing to consider is the type of extensions. If you are considering synthetic hair extensions which are used in permanent styles, they must never come in contact with a source of direct heat, as it can damage them completely. Whereas, natural human hair extensions are just that—real hair! And as long as care is taken while using the right styling tools and products, style your hair any way you want to – cut it, dye it, curl it and everything you could possibly do to upgrade your new hair.

Your long hair goals don’t have to be a far-fetched dream anymore. Either way, consult with a trusted hair extensionist to find the best type, color, and technique for your hair type.

There have been many concerns in the beauty industry regarding the use of extensions. Thus, we felt the need to bust the top 10 hair extension myths so you can have a clearer picture and make informed decisions about your hair!