40 Diverse Homecoming Hairstyles for Short, Medium and Long Hair

Messy French Roll

french roll for thick hair

Homecoming is not a prom, but looking chic is good for both. With homecoming being less formal, you can afford simpler hairstyles, yet they should certainly be special to match your outfit and accessories. We know that you, girls, have different tastes, hair types and lengths, but you all want to look gorgeous at homecoming. Keeping your needs in mind, we’ve selected 40 images with versatile hairstyles of the most currently requested types: stylish updos and effortless downdos, worthy ideas for short hair, and everything with amendments on the current trends. Have a look and feel free to duplicate any style you like.

A usual problem is how to dress and style your hair so that you look neither overly dressy nor too casual. Being much less formal than prom, homecoming suggests that you rock something cute and chic that makes you look unobtrusively stylish and rather spontaneous than well-prepared and pointedly glamorous. So, what hairstyle to wear to homecoming?

Generally, these are the same variations on updos, downdos, half up half down dos and free flowing styles you’d wear to a prom but in their more casual interpretations. To be more specific, here are the ideas:

Let’s check what is proper for you and your hair.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of curling every strand of hair, pull it into a French roll or a classic chignon. Simple, elegant and perfect for all, it’s a type of hairdo that lasts through the night, and leaves you with more time to party instead of worrying about your hair.

Loose Updo with Fishtail Braid

messy loose updo with fishtail

For medium hair texture, there are many cute homecoming hairstyles to choose from. This one combines all the best – fishtail, twists and loosely pinned strands.

Triple Braided Hairstyle

braided updo for hair with highlights

When it comes to homecoming hairstyles, this one is pretty adorable. It’s youthful and elegant at the same time, with a lacy triple braid crown, wrapped around one side of your head and fed into a low bun. Use different types of braids to make it even more creative and fun.

Tucked Crown

simple half updo for medium hair

By using an elastic headband, you can loop hair through to create the appearance of a “tucked in” crown. If you are looking for a half up half down style that’s your own, give this one a try. It’s trendy without being overdone. Shoulder length hairstyles for homecoming don’t have to be big or flashy – an understated style such as this will wow the crowd.

Waterfall Braid

waterfall braid with curls

Waterfall braids are very popular right now, popping up all over Pinterest when one searches for formal hair styles. This sweet rendition of the classic waterfall braid is delicate and perfect for a special night.

Delicate Chignon

Messy Low Updo For Fine Hair

If you want to display the back of your dress— whether it has beading, lace, a special design, or you are wearing a backless dress— a loose chignon is a delicate hairdo to consider. Slightly tease and gather your hair at the nape of your neck and put in some pretty hairpin accessories.

Romantic Braid with Beachy Hair

Half Up Crown Braid For Curly Hair

Are you more of a hair down kind of gal? This simple hairstyle for homecoming is giving your hair some beach waves and an adorable crown braid. Achieve the texture with a sea salt spray or a big barrel curling wand. Afterwards, create a loose braid, fan out its outer edge and leave some pieces of hair out to frame your face.

Twists into a Fishtail Braid

Twisted Crown And Braid Half Updo

This hairstyle lets you leave your long, luscious hair down while still letting your facial features shine. Comb all hair back so that you have no part, and then twist two large front sections towards the back. Where the twists meet, use the two sections to form a fishtail braid.

Romantic French Braid Updo

Low Loopy Bun With A Braid Updo

This girly updo is a cute idea for your homecoming dance! Deeply part your hair to the side and create a French braid. Once you’ve reached the nape of your neck, make a voluminous loopy bun with pieces rolled and secured with bobby pins. For a more bohemian touch, add an earthy headband that complements your dress.

Classic Chignon with Braided Headband

Formal Loose Bun With A Braid

A classic choice of a homecoming hairstyle is a neatly rolled chignon. This style works well with straight hair and also shows off highlights nicely. To customize the look, add a thin braid and a few pieces falling out of the ‘do here and there.

Waterfall Curls

Loose Braided Half Updo

If you don’t want to do anything too intricate or fancy, leave your hair in big curls and create a loose waterfall braid. This hairstyle is less typical than a classic waterfall braid since it goes to the center back of your head.

Half Down Twisted Updo

Cute Half Updo For Medium Hair

There are plenty of options for ladies with medium length hair! Show off your lob in a half up half down updo. As a variant, section off the top half of your hair, make an inverted pony, and decorate with a thin twist from each side of your hair. To finish off, slightly curl the ends.

Chignon with Side Fishtail

Side Braid And Low Bun Updo

This homecoming hair style incorporates a fishtail braid and a clean-looking bun. From a deep side part, make a fishtail braid, and twist your remaining hair in a chignon. Pro tip—if your outfit is a one-shoulder dress, shift your bun to the side with the exposed shoulder.

Flower Bun Half Updo

Half Up Hairstyle With A Braided Flower

Adorn your half updo with a braided flower! Take this photo to your hairdresser for inspiration, and become the center of attention at the dance. Simple in the front, party in the back!

Soft, Loose Updo

Loose Messy Curly Updo

The following type of hairstyle works well with dresses that have a high neckline. This soft, loose updo can be easily achieved for medium or long hair, and will add more texture to the look with an understated dress.

Side Braid into Bun

Messy Bun With A Braid Updo

With endless choices of homecoming updos for long hair, make sure to consider what kind of vibe your dress has. For an effortlessly feminine flair, this up hairstyle is a no-fuss option that works with all hair types.

Knotted Braid Half Updo

Braided Half Up Hald Down Hairstyle

Skip a simple French, fishtail, or Dutch braid and go with this knotted variation! Contrast the straight or slightly wavy hair you leave down with the tightly curled and entwined half updo.

Elegant Chignon

Formal Chignon With A Twist

Dance hairstyles can be full of elegance. This updo works best with straight hair, as the swirl detail will be more defined. A classic dress would pair beautifully with the intricate chignon.

Messy Low Bun

Messy Low Bun With A Bouffant

Running low on ideas? This is an easy homecoming hairstyle that will never let you down! The versatility of this updo makes it a go-to choice, as it suits all face shapes and hair textures.

Formal Side Braid

Formal Side Braid For Long Hair

Why constantly stick to small braids when you can have one, giant and glorious? A regal looking hairstyle for a formal dance, accessorize your side braid with pieces of baby’s breath for delicate detailing or to accentuate the texture of your dress.

Timeless French Twist

French Roll Updo

Talk about a timeless creation! Skip French braids and opt for a French twist if you’re aiming for a graceful and sophisticated appearance.

Bohemian Braided Bob

Curly Bob With Braid Formal Hairstyle

Don’t shy away from braids if you want a cute homecoming hairstyle for short hair! Loosely curl or tousle your hair. Braid a headband-like section across the top of your head while leaving out your bangs or shorter layers to frame the forehead.

Crown Fishtail and Curly Bun

Low Curly Bun With A Crown Braid

The neatly done fishtail encompasses the crown of your head, and is juxtaposed to a textured bun. It’s a complicated ‘do that will enhance a more casual dress.

Ringlet Half Updo

Curly Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Girls with curly hair, rejoice! Whether your curls are natural, heatless or styled with heat tools, create a retro-inspired cascade of ringlets that start in a half updo, and gracefully fall down your back.

High Bun with Side Braids

African American Braided Bun Updo

Move over low updos! Look like a queen with this high bun that incorporates sharp parts and braided details. This homecoming hair idea is a perfect opportunity to rock your statement earrings!

Twisted Half Updo for Long Hair

half up curled formal hairstyle for long hair

For long hair, cascading ringlets combined with a modern hair hue (like the dark lowlights found on the blonde hair below) make for a winning style for homecoming. Fancy but not over the top, this style will work well on anyone with hair past their shoulders.

Cross Over Half Up Style

medium curly half updo for homecoming

While not a style ideal for short hair, long-haired gals will love this crisscross focus on the center of the hair style. Perfect for naturally curly hair, this is one half updo that looks much more complex than it really is, and it’s more notable than other homecoming hairstyles for medium length.

Updated Side Ponytail

formal side ponytail hairstyle

Love the convenience of a ponytail but want something a bit fancier? This easy style looks wildly complicated and glamorous – just in time for homecoming. Be sure to have plenty of hair pins on hand when you take this one on – a few practice rounds won’t hurt either.

Braided Crowns

wavy half up half down hairstyle with a braid

Braided crowns add a note of formality to hair that is ideal for fancy school events. This simple braided crown offers a boost of volume to the top of the head while still allowing enough hair to fall down in curls past the shoulders. As hairdos go, this one is sweet, simple and lovely.

Fancy Curly ‘Do

curly updo with a chain braid

Whether your hair is curly or straight, this updo will look gorgeous. The longer your hair is, the more intricate you can make this style. Play with different braids, loops and buns until you get the signature style you desire.

Burgundy Hairstyle with Undercut

messy updo with undercut

Liven up your special night by taking on a bold hair color for the memorable high school occasion. This deep burgundy-purple is trending right now and looks great with a formal gown. However, this idea of homecoming hair hits the mark not just with its hair color. The messy texture of the updo with an undercut is pretty chic and impressive too.

African American Curly Mohawk

black curly mohawk updo for homecoming

Ethnic hair is a great blessing, as it can be manipulated into some gorgeous styles that just aren’t possible with other nationalities. This style is inspired by a classic Mohawk with a totally modern twist. Get this done at the salon – trying on yourself isn’t so easy.

Sweeping Braid and Curls

side braid curly half updo

While there are many ideas for shoulder length hair and shorter locks, long hair really gives you a ground for versatility and cool experiments when it comes to homecoming hair ideas. This sweeping braid starts at the top of the head and wraps its way down into a cascade of beautiful curls.

Half Updo with a Bow

bow half updo with curls

Here’s one more cute idea for medium length hair or longer: you can secure hair into a festive bow. It is actually much easier than it looks, and long thick hair will work best to the amazing final result. Secure this style with plenty of hairpins – homecoming hair needs to be able to last all night.

Long Hairstyle with Highlights

half up looped through ponytail

If you have gorgeous dark hair, try adding in some contrasting highlights to really bring personality into your look. Curled, braided or left to flow in straight streaks, brunette hair with a small addition of a light hue is stunning for a special occasion – and every day too!

A Row of Bows

loose updo with hair bows

Homecoming updos tend to be a bit cliche without a lot of selection. However, this style is really unique and fun to wear. It works best on thick hair, and if you have multi-tonal locks you’ll love the way this updo brings out each and every color.

Spiced Up Natural Updo

formal black side curly ponytail

Natural hair can get in on the fun and fancy action of homecoming when you slick it back into a beautiful braid. Side hairstyles are modern and lovely, and an extra pop of natural curls makes them that much better!

Side Braided Pony

braided updo with side ponytail

The choice of a hairstyle for homecoming is just as important as the decision on the dress you are going to wear. Don’t take the process too lightly. This unique and intricate side braid wraps hair into a beautiful center knot while allowing bottom locks to flow freely.

Simple Curly Bun

formal curly bun for medium hair

Of course, classic looks are far from unpopular. The traditional curled bun updo is a simple classic that has been popular for generations and will likely continue to take a top spot in hair trends.

Basket Weave Crown

braided side updo

Try something different with this basket weave crown. Highlights really show off with this coifed look, and when it comes to hairstyles for homecoming, this is rather a new entry onto the scene. You will love the vintage vibe it exudes while still remaining very modern in look and style.

Oh, so many to select from!…We don’t even know what exactly to recommend… well, a universal tip that always works is trying something flattering for your appearance that you haven’t tried before. Being different, changing your looks always gives tons of positive emotions, which we sincerely wish you.