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SG Securities Co., Ltd. stock price crash ahead


May 19, 2023

There is a person who is not a financial authority official or an expert in the field of investment, but warned about a year ago by early detection of signs of a stock price crash caused by SG Securities. Taehyung Kim (35), an individual investor and internet broadcaster, is the main character. He, who runs the YouTube channel ‘Explanation King Taber’, warned Internet broadcast subscribers to be careful early last year, saying that the trend of Sunkwang’s stock price was strange. On January 20 of this year, it told viewers to be careful, saying that the stock prices of five stocks — Daou Data, Samchully, Sunkwang, Daesung Holdings, and Sebang — were overheating for no apparent reason. It was about a year or three months before 8 stocks plummeted on April 24 as a large amount of sales poured into the window of SG Securities. On May 16, I asked him about the basis for predicting stock price declines and his investment know-how.
What was the reason and basis for predicting the stock market crash?

“In March of last year, there was a YouTube broadcast saying that the trend of Sunkwang stock price seems strange, so be careful. At that time, Sunkwang stock price had been on the rise for two years. I received many questions about the background from subscribers who were paying attention to this. At this time, he simply warned, ‘Be careful investing because something smells.’ This is because in the past, if an individual investor entered an item whose stock price rose without any reason, it would be greatly broken. , Daesung Holdings, Daoudata, and Sebang stock prices continued to rise, and I thought there was something wrong.A careful analysis of these stocks revealed that they were ‘out-of-stock stocks’ with low circulation and ‘no jam’ stocks with little investor interest. I saw rich people doing ‘work’.

What do you think is the cause of this situation?
“The Korean financial authorities detect repeated trading between accounts on a specific IP (Internet Protocol) as an abnormal transaction signal. Mr. Ra Deok-yeon, who has been in the investment industry for a long time, has established his own ‘formula’ on how to avoid being caught by this surveillance network. It is the same. I see it as a complete version of stock price manipulation that uses the past method comprehensively and adds a new method.”

What sectors are you focusing on recently?

“We are keeping an eye on the secondary battery sector. It is not likely to be stock price manipulation, but some stocks have risen excessively to the extent of signing an MOU (memorandum of understanding) without any significant performance in the secondary battery industry. The key to stock investment is Most Korean secondary battery-related stocks are manufacturing companies. Therefore, global raw material price trends and the possibility of companies securing investment are more important than the momentum of the industry as a whole. If investment is concentrated in the spotlighted manufacturing sector, it will soon lead to oversupply. This is because it can become a red ocean market. Even in investing in the secondary battery field, we need to closely look at each company’s financial situation and future financing plan.”

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