20 Terrific Long Hairstyles for Black Men

Black Men Bun Hairstyle

Men's Natural Top Knot With A Fade

If nature and your parents’ genes have blessed you with beautiful healthy hair, there’s a sense in growing it out and styling smartly. At least you won’t look like every second guy in the street. Speaking of long hairstyles for African American men, the first thing that comes to mind is braids, but not only. Here you’ll find only the most eye-catching long hairstyles for black guys.

Shoulder-length natural curls are a classic Afro look. Most men wear them centre-parted, opening the forehead, or in a sort of swept to one side style if texture allows. Younger guys can try A-line styles with free coils falling on the forehead and cheeks. Another fun male style suggests trimming your curls in a rounded shape with the longest hair standing upright on the top.

Dreadlocks are super flattering for African Americans and, definitely, look cooler on men than on women. These create a fantastic look when being scattered over your shoulders and top of the back. For a more formal style it’s enough to gather them into a low ponytail.

If a fancy braided look seems more appealing to you, try neat cornrows running vertically off the forehead. Most men dislike overly fancy styles, sticking to classy patterns, like this one. More versatile braided hairstyles can be viewed in the gallery braids for men.

Twists are fun and manlier than braids. A full head of thick curls is a treasure, but a man always needs to look neat and fresh. Twists keep luxurious coils off your forehead and face and offer a classy pattern that is alternative to braids. Even hair extensions look cool in long twisted men’s hairstyles.

For an easy way to stand out from the crowd that doesn’t require too much maintenance, go for a half top knot. Ladies love a black guy with a bun. For real. This is a creative style that is still very urban. Keep the fade below looking clean with regular trips to the barber.

Long Box Braids with Fade

Black Men's Half Shaven Braided Hairstyle

Black men long hair doesn’t mean that all of the hair has to be long! This has a Samoa-inspired feel to it because of the curve of the fade. For more visual interest, the line design was cut in to demarcate the two sections. Putting box braids up in a bun keeps hair out of the way.

Long Natural Black Male Hair

Long Natural Hairstyle For Black Guys

Black guys with long hair have a lot of style options. This look is definitely giving off an emo rocker vibe. Or maybe it’s just the vintage jacket? Anyways long black hair looks amazing when kept nicely conditioned. The tight curls are defined but still fluid.

Long Black Micro Dreads

Long Thin Dreadlocks For Men

Somebody has been patient! His hair is so long it must have taken years. And yet, it is so smooth and well maintained, it doesn’t have a wild, straggly look. To get micro dreads like these, you’ll need to find the right balance between keeping hair clean and keeping it moisturized.

Natural Black Hair

Medium Afro Hairstyle For Guys

A simple, classic fro is a youthful favorite for black boys. To prevent breakage and dryness only ever use a wide tooth comb. Also, don’t use shampoo designed for Caucasian hair and be sure to moisturize hair regularly.

Long Pulled Back Dreads

Long Black Men's Dreadlocks

Long haircuts and hairstyles, including dreadlocks can be perfect, or they can be messy and natural-looking. With the styling and the overall look, these dreads are giving off a carefree hippie vibe. You’ll want to make sure you’re using products like coconut oil and cocoa butter to care for your hair.

Long Intricate Cornrows

Cornrow Design For Black Men

Every black man should try intricate cornrows at some point. Most professional braiders are so fast it doesn’t take as long as you might think. You can show your braider a picture of something you like, or let her surprise you.

Black Dreadlock Top Knot

Black Men's Bun For Dreadlocks

Anyone with long dreads has styled them in a top knot, and for good reason. It’s a super fresh style that stands out and asserts confidence. Black men with long hair look on-trend with different colors and highlights woven through. The side shaving adds a cool effect too.

Cornrows to Long Micro Dreads

Men's Ponytail For Thin Dreadlocks

Long hairstyles for black men often require hands of a true professional. The twists created by those micro dreads are incredible! They almost look like chain links. With a head full of long micro dreads, you can regularly try new interesting styles.

Long Senegalese Twist Bun

Men Bun From Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists are a perfect alternative to dreadlocks. Here, they’ve been pulled back and wrapped into one massive bun. Not only this keeps hair off your neck, but the style also turns to be attention-grabbing.

Long Black Dreads

Chunky Dreadlocks For Black Men

What makes this come off as a chill, island-inspired style? It’s not just the big wooden beads—it’s the lack of continuity with the width of the dreads. If perfection isn’t your thing, then your dreads shouldn’t be perfect either. You’ll be down for the good times with this hairstyle.

Black Hair Sculpture

Men's Bulky Black Braided Mohawk

Whoa, brother! He is not messing around. Those are some fat, chunky twists. Overall, this creates a regal style that proudly shows off natural black hair. In the front, much smaller twists create an interesting visual design. Long hairstyles are definitely an opportunity to experiment with.

Long African Inspired Hairstyle

Black Mens Hairstyle For Dreadlocks

Whether done with henna, some type of clay or colored extensions, this hairstyle is channeling the Namibian tribes whose men rub red earth into their hair and skin. It’s a great shade of red when you want to try a color and show pride in African heritage (instead of like you’re trying to look like a pop star).

Natural Black Hair Braids

Braids For Black Guys

This black men long hair look is super fresh and urban. Consider it as an alternative to a fauxhawk which is cool but not as unexpected and funky as the pile of kinky two-tone braids.

African Inspired Micro Dreads

Wrapped Ponytail For Thin Dreadlocks

These micro dreads have been upgraded with an African-inspired shade of red that looks stylish but natural against black skin. The intricate woven style shows off the perfection of the micro dreads and that amazing color combo. This is a hip look that will provide all the flair you need.

Lattice Work Micro Dreads

Men Hairstyle For Thin Dreads

Black guys with long hair are truly fearless. These micro dreads were pulled back to create a base. Then the top dreads were woven into an intricate lattice design. Beeswax or shea butter are good products for dreads in general, but are especially necessary when experimenting with dread styling.

Mens Senegalese Twists

Hairstyle With Twists For Men

Black guys with long hair can get really creative, because they have so many options to work with. These Senegalese twists are in different thicknesses throughout the hair to create a cool sculpture that is very unique. Hair is shaved along the hairline to keep everything clean and perfect.

Long Perfect Cornrows

Simple Cornrows For Black Men

For a classic black male style try simple cornrows. Find an expert braider, because cornrows are not meant for a messy look. Instead, they should be smooth and perfectly parted. Because the style has no movement, it lasts the longest of any type of braid.

Long Half Up Hair

Men's Half Up Natural Hairstyle

This black men long hair look is from somewhere many men have been. It could be he wanted only half of his hair done, but more likely he’s only half way there. When it takes a couple of rounds to start a new style, why not rock it half way through too?

Mens Natural Long Afro

Long Afro Hairstyle For Men

Long, flowy natural hair has a lot of personality and styling options. You can do buns, pull it back, or let it flow free. A wise friend once said that just because a product is for black hair, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. You still need to take your time and figure out what your long hair likes best.

Well, these were some ideas on how to style your mane. More interesting looks for your hair are displayed in the gallery curly hairstyles for black men.