20 New Super Cool Braids Styles for Men You Can`t Miss

Braided High Ponytail

Double Braid Hairstyle For Men

If you’ve grown tired of your man bun, but can’t seem to part with the versatility and attention of long hair, it’s time to try braids for men. Whether you go with a full-out fishtail, or edgy cornrows, there’s a style for any man looking to add some texture to his tresses.

Today’s men’s braids are not only for guys with shoulder length or long hair. Those who sport the popular long top short sides boys haircuts or the long top undercuts wonder how else they can style their longer tresses up top. Braids are a fresh answer.

Ponytail braided hairstyles work well for men who want to show off a fun dye job. Whether you have a faded blonde ombre, or a fun bright hue, this look will allow you to give your color saturated strands their time to shine. Balance the look with a rugged beard.

Zig-Zag Braid for Men

Cornrows For Men

One of the major benefits of braid styles for men is that you are able to experiment with designs. You can get creative with your parting, or you can actually manipulate the braid into the shape of your choice.

Braided Extensions for Men

Box Braids Bun For Men

Just because you have short hair does not mean that you have to miss out on the man braid trend. You may play with extensions as well. Box braids use thick yaki braiding hair to create bold plaits—combine different colors for a highlight effect.

Intricate Male Braids

Men's Cornrow Braided Hairstyle

If you want a style with some staying power, it’s best to gravitate towards smaller cornrows instead of chunky French braid styles. The latter will come apart more easily with wear and tear. The second benefit of a smaller pattern is that it can be manipulated into more intricate designs as shown above.

Double Braided Mohawk

Men's Two Top Braids Hairstyle

Men who have already embraced the long Mohawk style can get more bang for their buck by incorporating double men’s braids. They are perfect for a beach vacation or guy’s trip when the last thing that you want to worry about is hair products and styling.

Braid and Top Knot

Braid And Bun For Men

Whoever said buns are just for ballerinas and high school girls was sadly mistaken. The look works just as well for guys by using braids to create an edgy faux hawk effect. Of course, tattoos don’t hurt either.

Classic Cornrows for Men

Men's Cornrows For Thin Hair

Probably one of the most recognizable braided looks thanks to early 2000’s rappers like Xzibit, Jim Jones and scores of others, straight back cornrows are a classic style that men can’t get enough of. The bushy “lumbersexual” beard gives the look a modern hipster vibe.

Bob with Braids

Chin Length Braids For Guys

Men braids can also be a great accent to an androgynous look. This slanted individual braid bob was a popular style for women in the 90’s (Jada Pinkett and Maxine from ‘Living Single.’) The lack of facial hair makes the hairdo the focal point of your appearance.

Double Design Braid

Twisty Cornrows For Men

Have some fun and combine two braid designs into one look. Instead of doing something outrageous, opt for two simple styles like wavy and straight plaits so that they can complement each other. The result is an interesting-yet-low key hairstyle that works for medium to long strands.

Braid Effect for Short Hair

Men's Braided Long Top Short Sides

Just because you don’t have long hair doesn’t mean you have to give up on your braided dreams. Thankfully, with a little styling pomade you can fake it until you make it. Twisting a few pieces in the front to mimic a braid pattern will give you a similar effect.

Male Braid with Short Sides

Long Braided Top Short Sides Style

If your hair is longer in the crown, but still too short for a flowing braided hairstyle for men, this is for you. The hair won’t have enough length for a tight weave, which will create a cool petal-like texture. Secure with small elastic to keep it from slipping during the day.

Blonde Braided Cornrows

Men's Cornrows With Shaved Sides

Blonde hair looks great on black men because it warms complexions with gold and red undertones. Thanks to Fetty Wap’s and Chris Brown’s experiments with different shades of blonde, you are sure to be on trend with this style.

Short Sides and Two-Tone Braid

Top Braid And Short Sides Style For Men

Combine a bunch of subtle details to make one impactful look. Double braids, short sides, a small bun and blonde highlights seem simple on their own, but together they are unique and edgy.

Crown with Middle Part for Men

Cornrows, Crown Braid And Shaved Sides

It’s a cool idea to create a crown to diversify your braids for men hairstyles. The middle part allows you to create an intricate symmetrical style, encircled by a braided crown. Shaved lines on the side ensure that this is a look truly fit for a king.

Braid and Mini-Bun

Men Bun With Braid

Think of a braid as an accent for short hair instead of the basis for the overall style. A small inverted braid is perfect for adding pizzazz to the standard man bun.

Male Braid Style for Tattoos

Two Braids And Fade For Men

Tattoos are a commitment no matter where you put them on your body. But, etching one under your hair is great if you want an option of covering it later. Male braids will pull your hair back in a stylish way to show off your new ink.

Braided Bun with Ribbon

Men Bun With Braid For Undercut

Learn the art of accessorizing your men’s braids. Headbands and barrettes might not be your thing, but a subtle black ribbon will add a little drama without doing much.

Male Braids into Bun

Flat Braids And Bun For Men

Flat braids are ideal for boys and men who want to wear a style that does not need to be touched up as frequently. The sleek style may last for over a week and will be getting rugged in a good, stylish way.

Blonde Bouffant Braid

Braided Long Top Short Sides

Another benefit of a braided style is the volume that you can achieve within the crown. Simply tease the roots before you have your hair braided. For an additional twist, use a different pattern for the tail of your style to create some contrast.

Simple Side Braid

Men's Inverted Braid With Short Sides

Men braids don’t have to be complicated. A side braid is great when you want a no frills style with just a bit of edge. Experiment with different colors or just keep a natural hue.

There are many options within the braids for men category which depend on your personal preference. The pattern and texture alone will certainly turn heads, but you can always take the look a step further with fun colors and designs.