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All About the Angles

stacked brown bob with balayage

When you need to refresh your image, correcting it according to the current trends, you need to introduce some special modern twists into your usual haircut and styling methods. In this relation sassy haircuts for short hair are a wonderful choice. An admixture of sassiness will save you from looking boring or older than your age, because it’s initially associated with young energetic spirit, playfulness, ease and optimism. Sassy haircuts let women in their 40s, 50s and even older look modern and much younger than they are. So, regardless of your age, if short length is your theme, you simply can’t miss this priceless info I’ve prepared for you!

It can be your favorite basic pixie haircut or even a bob. The main thing is not to make it ordinary as always but light it up with something of the following:

You can use one or a few of the mentioned tricks. Although it seems unbelievable at the first sight, a short haircut can incorporate a few eye-catching elements, and it won’t look like “too much”.

Here are the best examples to illustrate my words.

A stacked bob delivers major volume thanks to the layers stacked on top of each other in the back. By incorporating long layers in the front, you create a mysterious and sexy attitude around your face. Since the focus will be on your lips, make sure you have a fiery lipstick color to stand out.

Snow White Bob

platinum wavy bob

The texture in this bob receives a boost of volume from the loose spirals in the middle, but maintains a bit of shagginess with the straighter razored ends. So lovely!

Snipped and Stylish

wavy layered inverted bob

What’s not to love about this exciting and sexy tousled wave bob? It’s one of the most versatile short sassy haircuts – the texture and angle can work on many different hair types and colors.

Feathered Pixie with Undercut

short sassy angled haircut with long bangs

Blonde hair does not have to be sugary sweet; it’s all about how you style it. By incorporating an undercut, choppy layers and a long angled bang, you create a chic look that can be easily pulled off by a teen girl or her mom.

Long and Short

funky edgy bob

This look goes from long to short and everywhere in between, which may seem too bold, but with the right attitude it works. Show off the varying lengths by defining the ends with a soft pastel color. Wear as a tousled bedhead style.

Pixie with Temple Undercut

short sassy women's haircut with undercut and balayage

While it may seem there is nothing subtle about blue and purple highlights, this style doesn’t appear to be over the edge. It’s trendy and classy. To amplify the impact, line your eyes with a matching color.

Bold Bright Bang

dark brown pixie with long red bangs

A long bang is a great way to incorporate a bit of length into a cropped cut because it frames the face and softens angular features. Lightening only the front gives you the ability to turn regular and boring looks into sassy hairstyles.

Wavy Ombre

long wavy ombre bob

Most of the oomph in short sassy haircuts come from the texture throughout the style. The layered waves are sexy, but still low-key. A bronde ombre is easy to maintain but it adds a lot to your hairstyle, rendering it a hint of glamour.

Dark and Dreamy

asymmetrical layered bob

As shown in this photo, sassy short haircuts can use angles to create an impactful look. Messy waves make this classy cut more modern, and a side part is perfect for women with round faces because it is slimming around the cheeks.

Blonde and Black

short sassy asymmetrical hairstyle

A shaggy short cut and a bold contrasting hair color solution makes a sassy look. Style it asymmetrically – swept to one side with subtle waves and disconnected ends.

Cute Medium Cut

black layered bob with bangs

You don’t need tons of color or crazy designs to have an interesting short and sassy haircut. This style is subtle in its dark color, but the heavy bang and tousled curls with angled ends elevate it from being too ordinary. It’s an ideal style for black women who want a cool cut, but prefer to stay a bit more reserved.

Tousled Peek-a-Boo Bob

chin-length messy bob with highlights

Although many stylists will tell you not to match your skin tone to your highlights, it can be exciting and edgy when done correctly. The key is to make sure that you temper them with a strong brown base.

The Middle Ground

short edgy blonde haircut

Searching for something special in short sassy haircuts? The beauty of this option is that it lies somewhere between a bob and a pixie cut. The layers go from cropped in the back to longer in the front, but to make it really cool, you need to upgrade it with messy texture.

Energetic and Preppy

short sassy brown pixie with golden blonde balayage highlights

If you are a free spirit at heart, but need to remain more or less polished for the sake of your work environment, this is a good compromise. You can slick it to the side during office hours, and then funk it up for drinks after work. Just make sure to stick to conservative hair colors. This golden blonde balayage makes a perfect color combo with the blue eyes.

Shorter Edges

short sassy layered bob

Sometimes it’s the tiniest details that take a haircut from simple to sassy. Just by cutting one edge of your bangs an inch shorter, you can create a hipster-chic hairdo that is perfect for women who love out-of-the-box hairstyles.

Long Top Short Sides Pixie

women's long top short sides women's haircut

One of the most popular short and sassy haircuts is a pixie that can take a look of a faux-hawk. It gives you the ability to try on an edgy style like a Mohawk without fully committing to it. Add a bit of sophistication with gorgeous soft waves.

Silver Siren

salt and pepper short sassy bob

While many younger women are dying their hair to achieve a trendy grey color, there are actually some women who are gorgeous with their natural salt and pepper strands. If you spot a few silvery strands, just take the plunge and dye your whole head. The key is to temper it in a dark smoky grey to keep it from seeming too “grandma-chic.”

White Blonde Choppy Pixie

blonde choppy pixie with short bangs

Platinum hair doesn’t have to be all about soft bombshell waves; it can also work for an edgy rocker look. As stated earlier, it’s little things that make the biggest difference. The super short bangs, chopped layers and curled sideburns make this style stand out. If you are a lead singer in a band, this is a stage-worthy style.

Longer Pixie

long pixie hairstyle

If there is anything to learn about short sassy haircuts, it is that their key is in the styling. Instead of using a typical pattern of layers from back to front (or front to back), this look features well-defined layers lifted at the roots and styled in different directions for a tasteful spin.

Young and Free

short sassy women's haircut with temple undercut

High school is a time to experiment and find your signature style, which is why this hairstyle could be a good starting point. It is cool and creative, plus it resembles a popular short pixie cut, accepted in all conservative settings.

Saucy Bob

sassy bob haircut

Even a sleek bob haircut can be sassy if it’s asymmetric, edgy at the ends and bold in color. Here is a perfect example of a sassy and saucy bob.

Black Orchid

short sassy edgy haircut

This haircut with very short graded back and long bangs creates volume on the crown and fantastic allure of chic and glamour that is floating after you like the train of your gown.

Ruffled Babe

short sassy hair with long bangs

The whole image leaves an impression of airiness thanks to rows of ruffles on the model’s blouse and loads of fine-graded layers in her awesomely sassy short haircut.

Sea Lady

short sassy pixie haircut

Although this haircut is not extremely short as some popular pixie cuts can be, it’s featuring the right doze of sassiness, original, close to natural hair hue and some easy-breezy flair.

Icy Temptation

short blond sassy haircut

Cutting a short bob with layering is a comparatively fresh tendency. This technique allows to obtain a shattered shape where fine tresses are styled to achieve a trendy wet/frozen feathery finish.

Fringy Relief

short sassy shag haircut

This haircut is adorably bold and sassy. It instantly adds you 6 pounds of self-confidence. You may rest assured, I’ve checked:)

Thumbs Up

short blond sassy haircut

Thumbs up for this sassy yet neat short haircut. It has succeeded to combine fine layering and 2 lengths in an extremely short eye-catching cut.

Brazen Sassiness

 sassy haircut for short hair

A short pixie cut with long bangs doesn’t need to feature tresses sticking out boldly to look sassy. Simply style those cute feathers left and right, rather at random, to gain this fantastic, a bit cheeky effect.


short sassy haircut for fine hair

This is one of my favorite photos in this collection and I certainly love the haircut. Pixie haircuts with long asymmetric bangs are in the mainstream, plus you can embellish your stylish cut with a unique color accent.


trendy sassy haircut short hair

Everyone has heard of smoky eyes and what about smoky hair? The contours of this sassy haircut remind tongues of flame and smoke rising from the fire. Brilliant idea and a lovely cut, indeed!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this thematic selection and noted something interesting for yourself. Certainly, it should be mentioned that for the best results bold experiments are better to be entrusted to a good stylist. My goal is to inspire you for new cool changes and not make you appear in the column “The craziest hairstyles ever”:)