30 Short Straight Hairstyles and Haircuts for Stylish Girls

Short Bob with a Signature Curl

Black Angled Bob

Everyone knows that girls with straight hair want to wear curls and girls with curly locks strive to straighten them. The wisest decision in this disputable matter would be a choice of the right haircut for your hair type. Our review covers the most successful experiments of celebrities with short haircuts and hairstyles for straight hair.

We are sure you’ll find something interesting and inspiring for yourself here!

Short straight hairstyles vary in look, appearing in forms as diverse as the faces they frame. For this style in particular, hair is straightened with a lift at the roots and an accent curl is added along the front side.

Pretty in Pink

Pastel Pink Messy Bob

Short hair is certainly fun with a natural hue, but it’s even more exciting when you add a pop of a color not found in nature. Try a bubblegum pink for a look that’s totally unique and all your own.

Angled Cut

Short Blonde Asymmetrical Hairstyle

Short, choppy hair is made even more creative with an asymmetrical cut. Whether you hope to take on a more edgy persona or simply wish to add fullness and dimension to otherwise lifeless hair, this is a great cut to try.

Perfect Pixie

Long Pixie Haircut For Thin Hair

Hairstyles for short straight hair are also popular with women who have thin locks. Short cuts tend to hang better than longer styles, giving the appearance of fullness.

Color Boost

Short Angled Blonde Bob

A shorter style can also really showcase your new color. Highlights, lowlights and tips all look stunning with a choppier, layered cut in a short length.

Shaded and Shaggy

Short Choppy Haircut With Long Bangs

A choppy, shagged hair cut is even more fun when you strategically place color. Try some blonde or caramel dye in the front, framing and brightening the face. Leave the back darker for fullness and drama.

Feeling Blue

Short Shaggy Pastel Blue Undercut Hairstyle

Short straight hairstyles don’t have to follow any sort of rules. For this one, a bright aqua hue is combined with a short shaggy cut, featuring a funky undercut.

Deep and Dramatic Bangs

Short Textured Cut With Peekaboo Highlights In Bangs

Bangs can make or break any hairstyle, regardless of its length, but short haircuts are often very dependent upon some front fringe to look gorgeous. Part your hair deeply in the front, sweeping thick, angled bangs across the face. Spike the back of your hair or add some fun color throughout for an edgy, modern look.

Sleek A-Line Cut

Side-Parted Angled Bob Straight Hairstyle

A-line cuts are nothing new to the salon. These have been bringing body to lifeless hair and providing a more serious persona for women for decades. However, the straighter your A-line is, the more modern and relevant it will be. Banish flyaways by using a flat iron that has the power to tame your particular hair texture.

Simple Beauty

Two-Tone Bob Hairstyle

Short haircuts for straight hair are so diverse, that it can be difficult to settle on just one. Make it easy by starting out with something simple – this style involves light layers, a slight angle and plenty of fullness.

Platinum and Pink

Short Straight Cut Bob

Reminiscent of a delicate china doll, this hairstyle is perfect for thin hair. The blunt bangs and chin-line cut meshes well with pale blonde hair and a hint of pinkish hue throughout.

Serious and to the Point

Inverted Bob Straight Hairstyle

There is absolutely no nonsense with this angled A-line that’s ideal for a business woman or a hip mom. Hair is lightly layered and lightened to effectively frame the face. The best part of this style is there’s virtually zero maintenance – just shower, straighten and go.

Short Beach Waves

Wavy Blonde Bob Hairstyle

We’ve all seen examples of long, flowing beach waves all over the internet. But what do you do if your hair hasn’t grown out to an acceptable length? Fortunately, beach waves are just as easily achievable with shorter lengths, so ditch the short straight hairstyles you’re used to. Play around with various styling products and curling irons until you find the perfect width of curls and amount of wave that’s perfect for you.

Glamour and Grey

Ash Blonde Wavy Bob

Grey hair, also known as “granny hair” is incredibly popular with young women right now. To catch this trend, you’ll have to bleach your hair first, tone it with a purple toner to remove the yellowness, and then dye it a white, grey or very light blonde hue. For natural-looking styling, finger comb wet hair and allow it to air dry.

Shine to the Max

Short Layered Brunette Hairstyle

Shorter hair tends to be healthier, and thus often exudes more shine. Take some time to enjoy the health and vibrancy of short hair by using a quality shampoo and conditioner that will maximize shine and leave you feeling positively beautiful.

Short Cut for Ethnic Hair

Ash Brown Pixie For Black Women

Consider cutting your locks into a short straight hairstyle and having it relaxed or straightened. Layers can be placed in various positions, but a good starting point is shorter sides and longer layers on top. You can always eliminate more if you feel you want to go shorter.

Angled Waves

Wavy Blonde Balayage Bob

If your hair is of a medium texture, it can be difficult to commit the time to either curling or straightening it daily. Go for a long angled cut that will make maintenance easier, and then finger curl some waves into your look using a styling gel while hair is damp. Air dry and get on with your day.

Rebellious Side

Bob With Asymmetrical Side Undercut

Who says that short hair has to be straight-laced and serious? You can have fun with short styles in creative ways that are difficult with longer tresses. Try a side undercut with the rest of your hair cut a medium length. Add some color chalk or permanent dye for some statement streaks.

Fiery Glamour

Burgundy Bob With Auburn Balayage

Keep things feisty and sexy with a short straight hair style that is jazzed up with color and a curling iron. You can have hair straight and simple whenever you want to, but then add a few accent curls with a large barrel curling iron when you’re feeling fancy. A burgundy and auburn combo is bright but harmonious and unhackneyed.

Tousled and Adorable

Short Tousled Auburn Hairstyle

Angled cuts bring an easy access for body and style – but they don’t always have to be sleek and perfectly coifed. Instead, try sporting some tousled hair that is held in place with a light spritz of styling product.

A-Line Bob

a-line bob hairstyle for straight hair

Evan Rachel Wood has opted for a stacked bob that flatters her unbelievably. When she had longer locks, the actress had to curl them constantly. But now she can relax and spend less time on styling. Such easy steps as making a side parting, backcombing at the roots and final fixation with hair spray lead to a very stylish short hairstyle you can do at home.

Short Hairstyle With An Extra Edge

Jennifer Lawrence pixie hairstyle for straight thin hair

Fine hair in medium lengths suggests that you constantly resort to backcombing to avoid limp, flat looks. A short haircut can solve this problem, because short hair always looks thicker. Jennifer Lawrence’s layered pixie allows achieving the desired volume on the crown effortlessly. Just apply some styling product and tousle your locks, defining the texture.

A-Line Hairstyle For Thick Hair

Julianne Hough short hairstyle for straight thick hair

If you are blessed with thick hair, your choice of haircuts and hairstyles is practically unlimited, but the maintenance can be tedious. A short haircut will reduce it to minimum. Julianne’s A-line pixie is styled simply, but the effect of the lovely texture is gained thanks to her exquisite highlights and darkened roots.

Light Horizontal Bangs

 Edie Campbell bob hairstyle for straight hair

Edie Campbell’s bob with layered ends and light horizontal bangs looks sweet and innocent. This casual hairstyle is done quickly with a bit of mousse and a blow dryer. Such bangs draw attention to your eyes and flatter faces with high foreheads.

Dramatic Bob

Jessie J graphic bob with bangs

All geometric haircuts are easy to style if your hair is straight. Jessie J opts for a shoulder-grazing bob with accurate dense bangs. Brunettes with geometric bobs who feel comfortable with dramatic looks should consider Jessie J bob haircut idea.

Platinum Blonde Stacked Bob

Lady Gaga stacked bob hairstyle

Lady Gaga’s short stacked bob offers nice volume at the nape that looks especially cool on straight thick hair. You won’t have any troubles with styling and always look great, especially if you choose a trendy hair hue to update your new short stacked bob haircut.

Blunt A-Line Bob

Jessica Stroup bob haircut for straight hair

The classic chin-length bob of Jessica Stroup is among the 2019 haircut tendencies. Bobs for straight hair are very easy to style, and they are the salvation for active women and girls who can’t afford spending their precious time on fancy hairstyles.

Short Layered Haircut For Straight Hair

Kristin Chenoweth bob haircut for straight hair

A layered haircut is a guarantee of added volume for thin hair. Kristin Chenoweth is rocking a super flattering short haircut with light layers and elongated side bangs. If you have a round or square face, this silhouette will flatter you in a slightly longer length.

Short Edgy Bob

Sessilee Lopez short edgy bob haircut for straight hair

Thick black hair of Sessilee Lopez is sharply angled at the ends to convey her cropped bob an extra edgy finish. We love the asymmetry, fringy ends, chic peek-a-boo style of this haircut and how its mood harmonizes with the print of Sessilee’s dress.

Sharply Angled Bob

Chelsea Kane short layered haircut for straight hair

Chelsea Kane presents a universally-flattering short layered haircut suitable for young girls, their moms, and even grandmothers! To look brighter, use Chelsea’s idea of bold contrasting highlights and style your layered locks with a lift at the roots.

Usually, it’s not so easy to select the right haircut among the abundance of available variations. You can give preference to classic silhouettes and combine them with modern coloristic solutions for a trendy look. Be open to new ideas, try to have your hair cut a bit different each time you visit a salon to refresh your haircut. Experiment with new textures, finishes, when styling your hair, and be invariably gorgeous!