10 Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair


10. Easy to Manage: Bandana Style

Tired of the same, monotonous look day in, day out? We totally feel you.

If you’re someone who thinks that short hair isn’t for experimenting with, today we’ll show you it can be.

There are tons of super cute and easy hairstyles for short hair, which are quick and easy to do at home.

Incredibly inspiring hair blogger Sali Rasa is making an appearance on TRHS again today to share her 10 easy step-by-step tutorials on how to spice up your cut!

All you need is a bandana and a chopstick curler — or any curling iron will do. Take small parts of your bangs and start curling them. If you have thin hair and you want more volume, curl every section in opposite directions. Curl the first section toward the back and the next section toward the front. This will make the curls look more voluminous. Wrap the bandana around your head and tie it on top. Then, loosen the curls with your fingers and set this cute hairstyle with some hairspray.

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Bandana Pixie Hairstyle