15 Diverse Hairstyles for Long Natural Hair

Eccentric Two Peaks Updo

updo for long natural hair

Many black celebrities rock relaxed black locks these days, because relaxed hair looks breathtaking in any simple or sophisticated hairstyle. However, the exposure to aggressive chemicals is very harmful for your locks, while natural black hairstyles can be as exquisite and showy as hairstyles for relaxed hair. Naturalness is the main hair trend in 2019, so why not to use the unique texture and fabulous volume of natural hair to your advantage?

Here are ideas of the best stylish haircuts and hairstyles for kinky coils. Read on!

Shingai Shoniwa is a fan of extravagant updo hairstyles for natural hair. It can be a voluminous bow-tie from natural hair; other time it’s an extremely bulky braided bun or long natural hair standing upright… Well, Shingai’s natural hairstyles are a sight to remember and be impressed by. Do you think you are you bold enough to try something like this?

Tree Braids And Shoulder-Length Kinky Waves

shoulder-length natural hairstyle

Jill Scott resorts to tree braids to extend her natural curls and to arrange neat braiding along the line of hair growth. She gets a stylish natural hairstyle that can be worn every day or transformed into an evening downdo thanks to a beautiful jeweled hair piece.

Low Pony From Box Braids

long box braids

Keri Hilson has tested all hair colors, textures and lengths, looking stunning in her every look, on every picture. One of Keri’s showiest appearances we remember was at the “Riddick” L.A. premiere. The songstress presented her statement below-the-waist box braids.

Voluminous Hairstyle For Long Natural Hair

long hairstyle for natural hair

Combed natural hair is extremely beautiful. Yaya Da Costa often sports easy natural hairstyles with her black locks looking like a soft, voluminous cloud around her face. Note that it’s better to comb your natural hair when it’s 80% dry to reduce the risks of hair breakage.

Sophisticated Updo From Thin Box Braids

box braids updo

Amber Riley alternates her relaxed hair styles with protective do’s for length retention. Since box braids have been acknowledged to be the most long-lasting protective hair style, a rare celebrity can omit it. Amber’s updo from box braids looks cool and in tune with her necklace and outfit.

Distinct Curls And A Braided Headband

medium natural hairstyle

Lush black curls of medium and long lengths are always extremely voluminous and rather bulky. If you want to lift them slightly off the face, use a headband. Oprah Winfrey decides on a braided headband and succeeds with a cool curly hairstyle for black hair.

Long Curly Pony

ponytail for long natural hair

Ashanti shows off the contrast of textures – the flawless sleekness and fluffy curls gathered into a long pony at the back of her head. We don’t know whether the curls are real, extended, or simply attached as a pony, but they look pretty awesome!

Long Natural Hair Style With An Asymmetric Twist

asymmetric hairstyle for long natural hair

Corinne Bailey Rae enjoys rocking her long natural curls in different trendy hairstyles. A sweep to one side is easy to do, and it looks very cute. Some of Corinne’s curls are defined, while others are fluffy and indistinct. The hairstyle creates an image of a fragile and refined girl.

Sexy Curly Updo

natural hair updo

If you want to accentuate your delicate face oval and graceful neckline, lift your natural curls up into a sassy updo. Jada Pinkett Smith is rocking a sort of a high pony with thin wispy ends and braided headband.

Two-Tone Ponytail Idea For Long Natural Black Hair

natural curly hairstyle for long hair

Jordin Sparks opts to tone her curls with the lovely light brown shade that compliments her skin color and dark brown eyes. It’s a way to add some spice to your trendy natural hairstyles. Jordin doesn’t make an extremely tight pony, showing off her cute curly texture from roots to ends.

Layered Haircut For Long Curls

layered haircut for natural hair

Girls with natural hair, who strive to grow longer curls, know that length retention can be a long and laborious process. Besides, it’s a pity that due to the curl, kinky hair looks three times shorter that it actually is. At the same time, a haircut is a way to render your curls a beautiful silhouette. Kelly Rowland’s layered haircut is a good example.

Rounded Haircut For Black Hair

rounded haircut for medium naural hair

A haircut with a rounded silhouette shapes your hair into a sort of a cool cloud. And although some women dislike the idea of big hair, it looks harmonious and flatters many African Americans. Lillie McCloud presents her cute variety of a rounded haircut.

One Level Haircut For Long Natural Hair

Solange haircut for long natural hair

Solange Knowles is adorable with her long kinks and oversized mens blazer. One level haircut certainly creates an excessive volume at the ends, but with a long length, like Solange’s it looks very appealing and can become your individual style feature.

Shoulder-Length Layered Haircut For Natural Kinks

medium haircut for natural hair

Garcelle Beauvais often surprises her fans with the latest trendy haircuts and hairstyles for relaxed hair, but occasionally she rocks gorgeous curls with the same pleasure. Garcelle’s layered shoulder-length haircut is ideal for her curvaceous figure.

Black And Golden Brown Layered Spirals

layered haircut for long natural hair

Beyonce’s curly mane features lovely layers through the length, accentuated with color. Such a long haircut will look awesome in simple half up, half down hairstyles. The warm golden brown hue harmonizes with Beyonce’s warm skin tone.

Long natural hair may be more difficult to handle, but the reward is obvious: with relaxed hair, you won’t achieve these unique voluminous looks with fabulous texture. Try new hairstyles, experiment with different color accents and don’t be afraid to trim your kinks when needed. Lovely hair is a crucial part of any stylish look.