20 Playful Ways to Wear Yarn Dreads


20. Forehead Braid with Beads

If you are looking for new ways to revamp your look, you might have just found it. Gorgeous colorful yarn dreads may be the answer to your hair-related dreams. The truly genius thing about this fad is the fact that you can easily try out different colors and styles, without affecting your natural hair. So, go on — have a little fun!

Haven’t thought about trying this hairstyle yet? Well, then you really are in for something of a treat. Yarn dreads, sometimes also called ‘knitted’ dreadlocks, are just what they sound like; faux dreads that you create with colorful yarn. This trend gives you the freedom to do a whole lot to your hair without damaging or changing it too much. So, where should you start?

To DIY your first yarn dreads you will need scissors, 100% acrylic yarn, and some patience. Here is the detailed tutorial:

This video shows one more way to make dreads with yarn by twisting hair with extensions:

Yarn Dreads Pros

Need reasons why you should make yarn dreads? First of all, they always look interesting. You may choose just one yarn shade or take several colors and mix them creatively. Yarn dreadlocks are among top protective styles. They are easy to DIY at home, low-maintenance, lighter and cheaper than the majority of extensions. Yarn dreads can be washed, conditioned and moisturized.

Yarn Dreads Cons

Women usually don’t have many problems with their yarn dreads. Everything is OK except the fact that they are heavy when wet, take a long time to dry and can collect lint. That’s it!

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Once you have the yarn in hair, it’s all about styling your locs to make them suit your personal style. This forehead braid really does frame the face in an impressive way. What’s more, the side ponytail hangs down over your shoulder adding a playful touch to your look.

Burgundy Yarn Locs