20 Enviable Short Natural Haircuts for Black Women

Springy Short Cut for Kinky Hair

Short Tapered Natural Haircut

Kinky hair has its pros and cons; it’s voluminous, has plenty of texture, and gives an all-around spunky vibe, however, it can also be very difficult to maintain. Sometimes it’s just easier to chop it short! This provides manageability and workability, and you can still embrace the femininity of your unique hair. After sifting through many different pictures, we’ve sorted out our favorite short natural haircuts for black women.

Maintaining ethnic hair is a challenge, but when moisture is preserved and heat is limited, styling becomes so much easier. One protective style to employ is the overnight bantu knots. After showering, moisturize hair with a leave in and seal with an oil based product, like shea butter. Then, divide hair into six even sections and twist the hair. Wrapping the twist around itself to create a “knot” will result in springy, defined curls in the morning.

Buzzed Haircut with Semi-Circle Parting

Extra Short Haircut for Natural Hair

For the most part, the shorter the hair, the easier it is to manipulate. However, cutting hair very short is not always an easy feat. To make the transition simpler, consider adding in interesting facets to your cut, like a “hard part”. This cool and edgy add-on creates more interest in an otherwise plain short haircut.

Curly Orangey Pouf with Razored Side Fade

Natural Red Mohawk with Undercuts

One of the most sought-after traits in naturally curly haircuts is voluminous hair. If you’re lucky enough to have type three or type four hair, you have lots of natural volume that you may shape with undercuts and highlight with your favorite colors.

White Gold Waves with Etched Side Design

Very Short Blonde Cut with Waves

360 waves are a popular style for those with short afro-textured hair. This ripple like effect paired with a wave-like, shaved-in design is sure to turn heads. To maintain your unique style, wrap hair in a silk bonnet overnight to preserve natural oils and water content.

Fade for Natural Coiled Hair

Women's Buzzcut with Undershave

Going for the “big chop” can be the best decision to make for your hair’s health. If your hair was relaxed at one point, or even if you want a fresh start, cutting off damaged locks is one option to consider. If you choose to take this step, ensure your tresses stay moisturized and oiled to promote healthy growth.

Golden Blonde Mohawk for Curly Hair

Curly Blonde Mohawk with Shaved Sides

Short, naturally curly haircuts shouldn’t be boring or standard, they have all the potential to make a serious statement! A bright color such as golden, platinum, pastel or neon can elevate your cut to the next level.

Coral Pink Voluminous Pixie

Natural Tapered Pixie Haircut

When looking for current short natural haircuts that are easy to style, a tapered “wash ‘n go” ‘do could be your best bet. All you need is a little bit of a leave-in conditioner to keep moisture locked in and curls hydrated.

Tapered Shaved Side Haircut with Tight Ringlets

Short Twist Out Haircut with Shaved Temples

Every curly girl wants springy, bouncy curls that exemplify health. You may rock them in any length and feel feminine. For an extra chic detail, add a shaved temple or shaved part. These customize the look and make it more sophisticated.

Shorter Cut for Type “3C” Natural Hair

Extra Short Natural Undercut with Shaved Design

If you’ve taken the plunge and got a “big chop” to remove your relaxed ends, having a classy haircut that helps the transition from relaxed to natural is a huge deal. An artistic design shaved into a naturally curly haircut can be the make-it-or-break it addition to your shorter look.

Short Fauxhawk with Burgundy Balayage

Natural Curly Tapered Cut

Short natural haircuts have many variations. This edgy fauxhawk is a great option for those with thick hair who desire to show their creative side and prevent hair from looking too “poofy”.

Natural Undercut with Shaved Lines

Short Undercut Style for Natural Hair

The shaved cut embodies strength and toughness. Pairing this style with some dainty, low-key diamond earrings and a pink-toned makeup balances the look giving it a dose of femininity.

Short Coily Bob with Magenta Highlights

Chin-Length Natural Haircut with Bangs

The chin-length layered cut with bangs is still short while giving you some length to play with. Treat your curls with highlights. Experiment with twist out styles and afro puffs to change your looks and feel different whenever you are in the mood or when the occasion is right.

Platinum Blonde Wavy Tapered Pixie

Blonde Curly Tapered Natural Cut

This fabulous pixie is just one of many beautiful short naturally curly haircuts. The platinum contrasting with the black undercut promotes dimension. The tapered shape creates height on the crown of the head.

Gradient Buzz Cut for Natural Locks

Short Natural Undershaved Haircut

One of the many notable characteristics of ethnic hair is its ability to hold shape. Because of this, the gradation of length is important when going shorter. Modern short naturally curly haircuts are very creative, here’s a good example.

Midnight Black Kinky Short Crop

Women's Curly Taper Cut

A taper cut is very pretty and suitable for every type of natural hair. This style gives the neat edges and height where it’s necessary, plus it’s a self-styling option for active ladies with hectic lifestyles.

Well-Blended Rounded Undercut

Natural Undercut with Shaved Line

An undercut that is not so evident but builds up the shape appears modern and stylish yet feminine. You can add an edgy element to it, like a shaved line, but the overall look is still softer than that of the classic undercut.

Layered Side-Parted Style with Highlights

Short Natural Highlighted Haircut

If you prefer the length of an afro but want to update your look, try short natural haircuts for black women with varied lengths. Layered crops with shorter sides and back offer a convenient length and shape while showing off your texture and color.

“Teeny Weeny Afro” for Natural Locks

Very Short Haircut for Natural Hair

The “TWA” – short for “Teeny Weeny Afro” – is a smaller version of the typical afro. In case you don’t mind an extra short length, this proves to be a much more manageable haircut.

Tapered Buzzed Curls with Hard Part

Women's Fade with Shaved Part

With minimalist style rising in popularity, there’s an increasing demand for unisex cuts. Some time ago a fade for a woman could be viewed as too edgy, not anymore nowadays.

Twist Out Curls with Undercut

Natural Curly Undercut

With a dense, coarsely textured hair, styling can be hard and time-consuming. A twist-out is an effortless style done in a maximum fifteen minutes. Start by co-washing in the shower and follow up with a moisturizing or protein-rich conditioner. Then, seal strands with shea or cocoa butter and begin twisting, lightly applying product to your hands as you prepare your twists. Wrap your head with a silk or satin scarf or wear a bonnet to enhance hydration and prevent frizz. In the morning, you will wake up to beautifully textured ringlets!

When it comes to picking the right short natural haircuts for black women, the key points to take into consideration are your individual hair texture, as well as face and head shape. When you have knowledge of these, you can communicate what you want to your stylist and get the cut tailored specifically for you!