20 Head Turning Haircuts and Hairstyles for Long Thick Hair


20. Middle Part with Beachy Waves

For all of the lucky ladies out there who have been blessed with long thick hair, you understand that this blessing can sometimes feel like a curse. Thick hair is a great privilege but also a great responsibility. Let’s face it, those locks require more of everything. More product, more time, and more patience. However, your efforts and dollars are rewarded with a gorgeous end result that leaves your fine haired friends green with envy.

Thick hair comes in all shapes, sizes, and textures. Often times there is a natural wave or curl that can be counteracted with length, as the weight and gravity work in your favor. Longer hair also balances the volume and enables more layers to be added without creating a lion’s mane around your face. Look no further for some great cut and style options to show off those ad-worthy tresses.

Look up “mermaid” online and see if every example doesn’t show this style with gorgeous wavy lengths. Honestly, who doesn’t have at least a small urge to be compared to a mermaid? The part down the middle and flowy layers are very helpful in lengthening a rounder face, while the loose curl offers an effortless and sun-dried finish.

Long Wavy Bronde Balayage Hair