25 Exquisite Curly Mohawk Hairstyles For Girls & Women


25. Sharp Lines, Clean Fade

Mohawks are cool hairstyles of really tough guys, although that doesn’t scare women. There are, indeed, very few things from the male wardrobe or male hairstyles which women haven’t adopted for themselves. We know how to introduce our special changes, giving a feminine touch to originally fierce male hairstyles. Curls and Mohawks are a great stylish combination. You may cut your sides closely, sleek them up or braid them. Even if someone tells you, it’s not a real Mohawk, who cares? It looks awesome and that’s all that counts. Judge for yourself.

There are many details here that you might want to mimic in your own mohawk, especially if you want a more traditional rendition with a modern twist. The fade is on point, and that single shaved line is not only smooth, but it also makes the upkeep a bit easier – you’ll always know where to clean up and trim. Although you might think of spiked hair when you are considering this style, a mohawk with curls gives here a welcome feminine touch to the androgynous style.

long top mohawk with faded sides and shaved part