Sew Hot: 40 Gorgeous Sew-In Hairstyles

Long Curly Weave Style

Long Middle Part Sew In

A great thing about hair and the various styles that you can create with it, is that you don’t necessarily have to have the length, thickness and texture of your dreams to achieve a certain look. In the case of this round-up, it’s all about the beauty, functionality and versatility of hair extensions, specifically sew-ins.

If you are unfamiliar with what exactly a sew-in weave is, it is hair extensions that are sewn to your existing hair. Your hair is braided down in a certain pattern (depending on the desired look) and the hair extensions are sewn to the braids. You can sew directly on the braid or put a net on and sew through it. For a more realistic looking sew-in, leaving some of your hair out in the front, top or the sides is often recommended. So, if you are eager to try a stylish new hairstyle, but don’t have the necessary length or thickness, feel free to try out some of the fabulous sew-in hairstyles on this list. They are SEW hot!!

This middle part sew in creates a soft, feminine look. The key is to go for curls and waves that are perfectly imperfect. To style, you can use a large barrel curling iron and then separate the curls with your fingers. Next tease and brush a few pieces randomly.

Straight Sew In with Layers

Asymmetrical Sew In Lob

Sew ins can work with a variety of haircuts. This modern lob is totally on point—asymmetrical, razored layers paired with a deep side part. To style it, blow dry the flat side downward with a flat brush, but use a round brush when blowing out the full side.

Curly Sew-In with Blonde Ombre

long blonde curly sew-in

African American women are very fond of sew-ins that are voluminous, but natural-looking at the same time. Such as this one you see in this picture. These large blonde curls are gorgeous, but very realistic looking.

Long Caramel Hair

Long Straight Caramel Sew In Hair

Long hairstyles for black women look beautiful in warm shades, such as caramel and honey blonde. To keep it super modern and fresh, show off the dark roots. Make sure to watch how your stylist works with the baby hairs at the front so you can repeat that on wash days.

Angled Bob with Balayage

long curly two-tone bob sew in

Achieving a great texture with a short and versatile sew-in is incredibly easy. This wavy balayage hairstyle is somewhat of a bob length with tons of texture created by the chunky waves.

Short Layered Sew-In

short pixie bob for black women

Short, sweet and cut perfectly, this edgy pixie bob showcases just how fierce a short hair sew-in can be, especially when it’s beautifully layered.

A-Line Bob with Highlights

brown bob sew in with caramel highlights

The right hair color technique can work wonders for your hairstyle. Here, you have a beautiful bob sew-in that is given a boost courtesy of the caramel brown highlights that are incorporated all over black hair.

Natural Looking Sew Ins

Medium Length Side Part Sew In

For a full head of sew ins that looks natural, go for short or medium length hair. Especially since lobs are in right now, you have one more reason to look fashionable and spent less on maintenance. When styling, give extra attention to the natural hair at the hairline.

Full Curly Sew In

Long Curly Side-Part Sew In

For a full head of a sew ins with tons of volume, opt for tight curls. This sew in weave is almost all one length, which gives a lot of fullness to the style. Every other day, spritz your curls with a conditioning spray to keep them defined.

Curly Burgundy Sew In Style

Long Curly Burgundy Sew In Hairstyle

This curly sew in is so classy. The raspberry hue is very appealing in this shade, and it will add a ton of personality to your everyday style. The large, supple, sexy waves are too good to be true, but they do look real, and perfect.

Voluminous Side-Swept Weave

Medium Sew In Hairstyle With Bangs

We love this breathtaking burgundy hairstyle for its dramatic curls and an even more dramatic bang that ensures you’ll look like an absolute diva in pictures and in real life. For the curls, use a one-inch curling iron mid-shaft to ends to achieve the magic bouncy effect.

Long Chocolate Curls

Brown Weave Hairstyle With Bangs And Highlights

Not all sew in hairstyles actually look like sew-ins. When the work is done professionally, the hair appears natural and sexy. Gentle highlights and swoopy bangs make the style even more effortless.

Ringlets with a Pompadour

Long Curly Sew In Hairstyle

Drawing the eye upward and ultimately leaning everything out, the pompadour is incredibly slimming for the face. Pair it with tight, zigzag ringlets for a gorgeous hairstyle that’s perfectly voluminous but not bulky.

Blonde Hair Sewn In

Asymmetrical Blonde Weave Bob

Do blonde girls actually have more fun? While there’s no right answer to that question, there’s no harm in moving to lighter shades, even temporarily. Choose a sexy asymmetrical bob with bangs as a shape that shows off your new color and feels comfortable to wear.

Ombre Sewn-In Style

Long Side-Parted Ombre Weave Hairstyle

The best part about sew ins? They’re highly versatile, capable of rocking a multitude of fun, flirty looks––including this sexy ombre with XXL curls. The more dramatic your side part, the more pronounced (and pretty) your long swoopy bangs will be.

Purple Sewed Style

African American Burgundy Balayage Hairstyle

The focus of this black sew in style is on the sophisticated purple ombre that grows lighter and brighter towards the ends of the strands. Wrap your hair gently around a no-clamp one-inch curling iron to get classic beachy waves and show off the ribbons of color.

Curly Black Extensions

Black Long Sew In Hairstyle

If you want to give some rest to your natural curly hair and rock flawless bouncy layers for a while, extensions are a simple way to get an envious mane whenever you want it. This style is classy, glamorous and literally red-carpet ready.

Natural-Looking Sew-In Style

Long Layered Sew-In Hairstyle

An effortless look for all seasons, this wavy sew in looks anything but fake. Full layers with thinned out ends are beautiful in free-flowing hairstyles with lush waves scattered over your shoulders.

A-Line Weave

Side Parted Sew-In Bob

A pretty A-line bob is a blessing for a working lady who also wants to look chic for those after 5 hours when she has a date, meets her friends or goes shopping. Looking perfect from morning till night and in any setting is easy with a good sew-in bob.

Full Weave with Long Curls

Long Layered Black Sew In With Pink Balayage

A bright fuchsia accent on a full head sew in is practically made for a night out with the girls, as @hair_rajukuken shows us. Using a large 1 ½” curling iron, flip your layers outward for tiered swoops that progress into loose curls for the longer strands.

Wavy Middle-Part Style

Silver Long Sew In With Brown Balayage

The best part about sew in styles is an opportunity to try a wide variety of colors and textures. Consider highlighting or using the balayage technique to color your middle part weave–and do not be afraid to mix up hues you’d never mix. It works if you want to reconcile an unnatural hair hue with your skin tone.

Blonde Bob Weave

Strawberry Blonde Sew-In Bob

Cute, fresh and flirty, blonde bobs are a great way to shake up your day-to-day hair routine. When you are growing out your natural hair, there’s no need to rock a sad hairstyle. Life is too short to look boring!

Big Bangs with Short Layers

Black Medium Layered Weave

It’s common to see sew-in hair that is long and voluptuous. However, weaves can also have a much edgier, rocker-chic appearance, as this cute medium ‘do with deeply parted bangs and shorter, choppier layers exemplifies. Curl the bangs and leave the rest of the hair straight.

Sleek Extensions with Bangs

Long Straight Black Sew-In

Curls are glamorous and flirty, but a long, straight sew in weave is downright sexy. Straight blunt bangs are less common with sew-ins, but they do look chic when they flatter your face shape.

Black Layered Bob

Medium Black Sew-In Hairstyle

This bob from @bleustyles is multifaceted in two big ways: the style can be played up for a night out and it can also be worn polished and professional for work. Those large, shiny, swoopy waves are just amazing!

Ombre Sewn-In Hair

Long Centre-Parted Sew In Hairstyle

Middle part hair looks phenomenal with ombre or root fade – you can draw attention to your eyes or accentuate your high cheekbones this way. Straight or curled, a long sew in will help you feel even more feminine and beautiful.

Extra Curly Extensions

Long Natural Sew In Hairstyle

Curly sew in extensions are an easy (and healthy) way to give your hair long ringlets day in and day out. However, things can get a little unruly if you’re not careful with your upkeep. Stick to sulfate-free shampoos and styling products, in addition to using a wide tooth comb.

Long Blunt Bob

African American Centre-Parted Sew-In Bob

This cut is simple, stylish and sharp. Although weaves are not your natural hair, they also need your tender loving care. Do your best to prolong your style as long as possible with a heat tamer spray and a smoothing product.

Angled Side-Parted Bob

Angled Bob With Side Part

A slick, angled sew in bob is an ideal cut for formal occasions and casual wear. It’s also incredibly flattering for most face shapes thanks to its slimming effect and edgy look.

Chunky Ringlets Sewn In

Curly Sew In Hairstyle With Ombre

If you can’t grow your hair long, weaves and extensions are a great way to achieve the impossible. You can do hot tool styling and try a wide array of colors, and you won’t be damaging your own strands meanwhile.

Glamorous Side Part Sew In

Curly Bob Sew In

This beautiful style will have you channeling Old Hollywood glamour. Diamond earrings and red lips for the win! Be sure to tell your hairstylist which side you like your hair parted on before you begin, as she (or he) will sew the hair in accordingly.

Golden Highlights Weave

Medium Layered Straight Sew In With Bangs

Sew in hairstyles are your chance to experiment with new, vibrant hair colors that represent your unique style. You can also rock new textures – poker straight layered hair with arched bangs is a great idea for girls who want a break from curls.

Punky Partial Sew In

Short Black And Blonde Sew In

One thing’s for sure when picking your next style: pictures help. They help you know what you’re looking for and communicate that to your stylist. This cool platinum bang (coupled with undercut) makes for a gorgeous partial sew in.

Razored Pink Weave

Sew-In Bob With Caramel And Purple Highlights

For sew in styles that look really gorgeous, you need well-blended layers. Ask your stylist for extensive razoring. The razoring technique will shed off some weight and give your cut a perfect silhouette. The combination of colors in highlights is fantastic.

Middle Part Sew In Style

Tricolor Centre-Parted Sew In

If your top layers are at a medium length, you can go for the Kardashian-inspired center part hairstyle. Just ask for partial sew ins that will provide length and volume to your curls. Interesting colors and highlights play well with the curly texture.

Inverted Bob Sew In Style

Black Razored Bob With Blue Highlights

This super cute style has an easy, effortless appeal. The razored ends, flawless silhouette and blue babylights promise a unique style you will be happy to rock for a while.

Funky Partial Sew In

Short Asymmetrical Sew-In

We are all about asymmetry when it’s done right, and this is totally working. The short hair on the side is cut perfectly around the ear and is one smooth and even length. The longer hair has beautiful, flowing layers. Make sure that the longest piece is in the front. So pretty!

Full Sew Ins with Middle Part

Middle Part Angled Lob Sew In

While you still need to condition your weave, the new hair needs less moisture than natural hair. A weave is good as a protective hairstyle, and it looks so beautiful that you simply can’t resist trying it whenever you are ready to change your look.

Medium Brown Sew-In

brown layered sew in hairstyle

There are no thrilling details or bold color in this sew-in, but it looks very natural and pretty, thanks in part to the beautiful layers.

Voluminous and Curly Sew-In

long curly sew-in hairstyle

Voluminous, sexy and totally camera-ready, this full head sew-in features long black locks. Punctuated by a deep side part, swoop bang and mountains of curls, sew-in hairstyles like this will definitely turn heads.

Whether you opt for sew-in bob hairstyles, full head sew-ins, partial sew-ins or invisible sew-ins, there are so many ways to get the proper sew-in look that you desire. The most important thing to remember is that sew-ins are not as easy to remove as other types of hair extensions, so it’s essential that you are completely satisfied with your sew-in, because if properly cared for, it can last for up to 2-3 months.