20 Super Hot Cornrow Braid Hairstyles

#1: Feed-In Braids with Cuff Beads

Fishbone Braids And Chunky Cornrows

Are you looking for a way to tame your unruly hair as well as turn heads in admiration?

If the answer is yes – then you need cornrow braids in your life.

A hairstyle that dates back to ancient Africa, cornrow styles are widely used and adapted by modern-day stylists all over the world.

We’re in absolute awe of these 20 different types of cornrows – and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Not only do cornrows look stunning – but they are also a perfect way to style hair that’s a bit naughty.

This type of hair normally requires more taming, which means having to invest tons of time every single day.

Well – with cornrows, you can forget having to dedicate long hours to getting unruly hair into shape each morning.

Your hair is done (and looks fantastic!) the moment you wake up – every day! Well, at least for up to 8 weeks, which is approximately how long you should leave them in.

Plus, it’s one of the most popular protective hairstyles women opt for to help natural hair rest from styling and the daily wear and tear. Cornrows are a perfect way to give your hair a bit of a break it deserves.

Ready for 20 most wonderful cornrow hairstyles you’ve ever seen? Let’s go!

There’s hardly anything more sophisticated than cuff beads – and when they’re added to beautiful feed-in braids with a cool pattern, the look scores top points! Feed-in braids are a way to create an illusion of long cornrow braids, without the need for hair extensions.  First, you create a starter braid using your natural hair – then add synthetic braiding hair is to create a long cornrow that still looks natural. 

Creative Halo Braid

Halo Braid With Fishbone Cornrows

If you’re a braiding enthusiast looking to take your cornrows to the next level, you’ve met your hairstyle. This halo braid is beautiful, sophisticated and unique – albeit a little more tricky to achieve. You won’t regret a trip to the stylist when what you’re left with is this wonderful hairdo, will you? We didn’t think so. 

Simple Small Cornrows 

Cornrowed Box Braids

There’s no need for your cornrows to be complicated for them to look absolutely beautiful. We think that simple, small cornrows deserve just as much praise as complex African cornrows designs and patterns. Plus, the look is more versatile, therefore you can style it however you like – pop it into a big ponytail, or twist it into a couple of buns – it’s your call!

Cornrows with a Large Bun

High Bun With Box Braids

For a look that pairs ‘elegant’ with ‘cool’, pop your cornrows into a large bun at the top of your head. Any hairstyle with bun on top immediately looks more classy – while the cornrows will give the style a bit of an edge. Wear it for a special occasion or on a daily basis – it will perfectly work for both! If you’re keen to add a touch of chic – just drop in a few cuff beads.

#5: Large Feed-In Cornrows 

One Sided Cornrows With Purple Extensions

Probably our favourite of the thick cornrows hairstyles – and why wouldn’t it be? It’s so easy to fall in love with it! These large feed-in cornrows achieve classy, feminine and quirky all in one go. The detail that makes us lust after the look the most is the gold string that’s been incorporated into a few of the braids. It’s all about the details! 

Beautiful Cornrow Ponytail 

High Blonde Ponytail With Chunky Braids

We’ve always had a slight obsession with ombré – but ombré cornrows tied into a ponytail? That’s almost too good to be true. Lighter on the edges, these cute cornrows will go perfectly with any summer outfit – and you’ll probably shed a few tears when the time comes to say goodbye.

Simple Ghana Braids 

Neat Black Cornrows

One of the most popular African hairstyles of the last few years, Ghana braids are here to steal your heart. Also often called ‘invisible cornrows’, they create an incredibly awesome look and are very low-maintenance. Summer is the perfect time to try out this sassy hairstyle – especially for its protective qualities that will keep your hair healthy for longer!

Natural Cornrow Hairstyle

Braided Mohawk With Cornrows

It isn’t all about feed-in and jumbo braids – natural cornrow hairstyles can be just as creative (and receive just as much praise!). This is an edgy yet elegant cornrow updo which you can create using your natural hair. Of course, if you wish to add braiding hair into the masterpiece to create a fuller, bigger look – then go for it!

Large Ghana Braid Buns 

Chunky Low Braided Buns

If big cornrows hairstyles is what you’re after, these beautiful Ghana braids braided into a bun will tick the boxes for you. We absolutely love how easy it is to turn these 4 cornrow braids into an elegant, low updo – and there isn’t a better way to deal with loose strands at the nape of your neck.

Straight Back Cornrows with Colour 

Thick And Thin Cornrows With Pink Streaks

If you’re looking for ideas on how to jazz up your straight back cornrows, adding a bit of colour will absolutely do the trick. The easiest way to achieve the look will be adding different colour jumbo braiding hair. You can add one colour or a few – the more colours, the more playful the look!

Cornrow Ponytail with Cuffs 

Braided Pony With Beads

Glam and sophisticated, this is a look that’ll undoubtedly receive a lot of attention. Gold cuffs incorporated into a beautiful high cornrow ponytail is a hairstyle that’ll work for a special occasion – or when you’re in need of a generous amount of compliments!

Large Jumbo Cornrows

High Ponytail With Beads And Cornrows

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’ll make you look and feel like a princess – then opt for these beautiful large jumbo braids, decorated with gold cuffs and unique patterns. Sophistication, boldness and elegance – those are the qualities we can’t help but think of (with a slight hint of jealousy) when looking at this wonderful hairstyle.

Half Box Braids, Half Cornrows

Half Up Braided Bun

For those of you who are keen to give their cornrow hairstyle a bit of an edge, this is is the perfect way to do so. Opt for a pattern that’s quirky and unique, such as this beautiful zigzag and straight line design. Your half box braids, half cornrows will sure stand out from the crowd!

Skinny Braids into a Ponytail

Sky High Braided Ponytal

How cute do these skinny braids look?! We absolutely love them – and if you’re someone who would like to use braids as a base for different hairstyles (a ponytail, a bun, two buns – you name it!), then you’ll love this hairstyle. Very versatile and chic – especially if you add one or two pieces of hair jewellery.

#15: Braids and Buns 

Double Puff Buns

Incorporating just a few braids into your hair is a wonderful way to change up your hairstyle without having to commit to the cornrows for months. This braids and buns hairstyle is perfect for someone looking to add just a few small details to their hairdo – while also showing off the beauty of lush, thick natural locks.

Straight Back Stitch Braids 

Classic Long Cornrows

Straight back stitch braids are a simple yet cool way to braid your hair – without having to come up with creative designs and quirky patterns. Elegant, neat and will protect your hair from environmental damage. What can we say – sometimes less is more! 

Beautiful Stitch Braid Updo 

Black Updo With Cornrows And Highlights

This is a wonderful example of a successful half head cornrow style. This stitch braid updo leaves the top of the hair unbraided, this way achieving a fuller looking top and a neat lower half of the head. What do we love about it the most? You guessed it! The ombre curls, of course!

Mohawk with Box Braids 

Mohawk Inspired Braided Pony

Yes, cornrows are super versatile – you can truly style them in a million different ways! For the daring ladies out there, how about turning your box braids into a mohawk? Use some of the braids to create an illusion of a hairband (and hide the bobby pins or an elastic you’ve secretly used to fix it in place). Don’t worry – we won’t tell anyone! 

Creative Braided Updo 

High Bun With Braided Pieces

Creative braiding enthusiasts – this is the hairstyle you’ve been waiting for! How about a beautiful and unique half head cornrows style that allows you to showcase some of the lushness of your natural hair? And you definitely won’t see the exact same hairstyle on anyone else (always a bonus!).

Side Cornrows and Curls 

Curly Hair With Side Cornrows

If this is a look you have not considered yet, then you totally should. This side cornrows hairstyle is for someone who would love to experiment with cornrows, but would love to show off their natural voluptuous curls at the same time. Double win! 

Each year, hair styling gurus come up with new and exciting ways to braid hair – and we feel eternally grateful for that.

But cornrow braids – they’re simply irreplaceable.

Braiding your hair into beautiful cornrows will not only save you hours of precious time you would spend on styling your hair, but will unavoidably receive praise wherever you go.

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