The Timeless Beauty of Fishbone Braids


20. Long and Loose Braid

Fishbone braids have long been popular with women who love to wear their hair up but desire something more intricate. But did you know that a fishbone braid is actually inspired by black braided designs? Fishbones started with African American culture and progressed into popularity with all ethnicities – where they continue to dress up hair around the world today.

The term “fishbone braid” has a double meaning. Some believe that “fishbone” is the same kind of braid we refer to as “fishtail”. But there are also African American braids plaited closely to the scalp with one thick braid in the centre and thinner cornrows joining the main braid at an angle. These truly look like a fishbone. We are viewing examples of both types below.

This fishbone braid is gathered loosely in the center and tightened at the bottom. If you have long, thick hair, then this is a fun braid to try.

Braided Mohawk With Fishtail Braid