20 Great 5 Strand Braid Hairstyles Worth Mastering


20. Crimped 5 Strand Braid

Braids – or plaits – have been around for over 30,000 years. They are timeless – and so easy to recreate, which is why we’re going above and beyond and introducing you to the 5 strand braid. Great for work, for nights out, or casual weekends, these types of braids take practice, but they’re worth the effort every single time.

Cross the 2nd strand over the 3rd one, the 4th over the 2nd, the 1st over the 4th, and the 5th over the 1st.

The 3rd strand is now the 1st from left to right. Take it and cross over the 5th strand. Next repeat the pattern.

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If you have long, thick hair, try this full and robust braid. 5 strand braids resemble challah bread and require both a steady hand and a little patience, but with just the right touch, you’re guaranteed an elegant – and dare we say – delicious look.

Strand Braid From Ponytail