20 Cosy Hairstyles with Yarn Braids

Two-Tone Twists with Beads

Chocolate Yarn Twists

There are so many different ways you can rock black braided hair. Yarn braids are a particularly stunning idea of a hairstyle that focuses on the distinct texture that is obviously artificial, but in a way in tune with your kinks.

You can opt for a one color ‘do, or try every shade of the rainbow. And you can choose from waist-skimming twists/braids, short and sweet styles and everything in between. If you want a bit of extra pizzazz, you can add some beads or a couple of wraps or…. Ok, see for yourself below.

Chocolate and black make a lovely color couple that’s not too flashy, but as long as it complements your skin tone it’s all that matters. Want some small accents? Shiny beads scattered throughout the braids near the roots will illuminate your face bringing out the eyes, especially if you also add some shiny earrings.

Long Braids with Blue and Pink Yarn

Melange Yarn Braids

Would you get a load of how striking these yarn braids are? The pink, turquoise, and yellow mélange woven throughout her mane is magnificent. One-color yarn box braids are still fabulous, but you can never go wrong with a colorful look.

Long Black Yarn Twists

Shoulder-Length Side-Parted Twists

Now that is a beautiful head of thick twists. Being centre-parted, twists of this length would make your face rounder, but an asymmetrical, side-parted styling like this is, on the contrary, slimming and chic.

Blue and White Yarn Hairstyle

Layered Blue Melange Yarn Braids

There are countless color options you can try with yarn. This blue and white combination is very refreshing. If you prefer a longer style, but don’t want it to come out too bulky, opt for layered braids.

Blonde Ponytail with Yarn

Blonde Yarn Wraps

When you’re scrolling through images of yarn braids, you will probably come across a lot of pics of African locks. But yarn wraps like these can also be done on Caucasian hair and on relaxed black hair. You just get a different look with thinner braids.

Blue and Gray Braids with Beads

Blue Yarn Braids

When you opt to wear yarn on your head, you will probably want to go the color route and choose a stunning color combo. A mix of analogous colors diluted with some neutral, such as gray, make for a sophisticated blend you won’t get bored off too fast.

Jumbo Twists

Bob With Chunky Yarn Twists

If you’re going for a thicker finish, make it a supersized one. A bob made of chunky twists will look stunning if you have big eyes and full lips.

Tightly Coiled Gray Dreads in a Bun

Gray Yarn Dreadlocks

Yarn braid styles should be all about versatility. The best ones look brilliant no matter what way you wear them. Choose thick dreads or long, thin and tightly coiled ones and experiment with piling them on the top of your head in an oversized bun.

Colorful Twists with Contrasting Decoration

Burgundy And Blue Yarn Twists

Multicolored twists are quite a big statement, but there’s no need to stop there. Add a bit of extra oomph by including some finer threads in a contrasting color over different parts of your braids.

Blonde Faux Locs with Braided Crown

White Yarn Braids

If you’ve always wanted to try a harmless blonde, this is a way to do it. The kinky braids can be easily manipulated into your favorite updos and half up styles like a crown, a top knot, or a halo twist.

Black Twists with Red and Yellow Peekaboos

Black Shoulder-Length Twists

When you want to protect your natural hair and have a break from daily styling, it’s time to find out how to do yarn braids. Here’s an inspiring picture if you hesitate. The girl’s chunky black twists are ideal in length and thickness, plus they get the surprise addition of yellow and red yarn underneath.

Blue Twisted Style for Layered Twists

Medium Length Thin Faux Locs

Layered hairstyles are now in great demand. Well, when it comes to twists or braids, you can also play with short and super long pieces in one hairstyle. It’s dynamic and unexpected compared to one-length twists and braids.

Skinny Braids in a Half Updo

Black Micro Faux Locs

If you’ve done supersized before, switch things up – try skinny braids. Her style will take some time to recreate, but you can see it’s worth it. It is a protective ‘do to have in your mind.

Yarn Braids over Dreadlocks

Mohawk From Yarn Braids

Be imaginative when it comes to your yarn braids. A braided Mohawk updo is one of countless ways to style them. This one is braided upside down offering you a flatter back and a flattering height in the front.

Navy Bob with Light Blue Accents

Blue Yarn Braids Bob

This bob is flawless in color and silhouette. For an adventurous touch, add an accent shade that will work like highlights. You’ll fall in love with your new style, guaranteed!

Tight Green Boxer Braids

Green Yarn Braids

Boxer braids are very popular. Make yours more original by incorporating some bright yarn. Using different shades of one color is pretty, and you simply can’t go wrong with such a combo.

Red, Orange and Yellow Half Updo

Yellow And Red Yarn Braids And Locs

When you’re looking at yarn braids styles that are this captivating, thoughts of how to wash them are at the back of your mind. One important tip is to wash your plaits when they are lying in a large sink, since yarn is too heavy when it absorbs water.

Half up Minnie Mouse Buns

Two Buns For Yarn Braids

Ok, we are all kids at heart, don’t we? Minnie Mouse buns aren’t just for full updos. Try leaving some of your braids down – you can afford it even with skinny plaits. Such cute half up hairstyles give off a cool girl vibe.

Very Thick and Long Twists

Thick Black Twists

The thick and long twists offer a mane that looks impressive in simple hairstyles such as this pillbox hat bun. No need for a flashy color either. Let the texture and bulk play the first fiddle.

Side Swept Yarn Twists

Short Teal Yarn Braids

Yarn braids hairstyles tutorials will open for you a new, exciting world of colorful braids. You’ll see that the bit of effort is worth it, but you can also make an appointment with an experienced braider and get the desired style in the wink of an eye.

There is such a variety of different yarn braids ‘dos that it can sometimes be difficult to know where to begin. Try to limit your choices down to one style you like the most. Remember that you can have fun later experimenting with different colors, lengths, and thicknesses.