Nanoil Hair Oil and How to Choose Oil-Based Products

How to Determine Hair Porosity?

Hair Porosity Levels

Oil-based hair care is a thing now. But the problem with most hair oils is that we respect the naturalness of ingredients but don’t see the same kind of wow results we get with toxic hair products stuffed with harsh chemicals. That’s why we decided to review some luxury oil-based products beauty influencers swear by. Also, we’ll be talking porosity levels and why they matter when choosing a hair oil, so keep reading!

Nanoil Hair Oils came into existence as an outcome of the fascination with natural oils and the regenerating properties they display. This well-balanced hair cosmetic is available in three versions, each containing a different blend of oils and a set of regenerating substances. Nanoil Hair Oil perfectly matches the right version to a particular hair type. The easiest way to describe both the condition and type of hair is by defining the term hair porosity. When realizing which porosity your hair is, you can consciously define its condition and choose the type of care your strands require. In other words, you’ll be able to provide your hair with care that is on point.

There are three easy methods:

Which Nanoil Hair Oil to Choose for Your Porosity Level?

Nanoil For Different Porosity Types

Each type of porosity requires special methods of treating your hair. Sadly, substances used in classic cosmetics aren’t able to adjust themselves to match a particular porosity. Nanoil handles this task, and the guide below will help you choose the perfect oil for your hair type.