10 Two-Layer Haircuts to Try Instead of Heavy Layering


10. Long Two-Layered Haircut

A two-layer haircut may seem a bit old-school, as stylists around the world encourage cutting your hair in multiple layers. However, the more the better is not always a sure-fire way to modernize and upgrade your locks. Cut them in two layers and you`ll appreciate the beauty of minimalism!

So, when do you need a two-layer cut and what types of this cut are there? Among the trendiest variants the mullet cut and the step haircut should be mentioned first. Mullets look a bit retro, they have a short voluminous top and a longer bottom layer. A step cut is very similar to modern layered styles. The only difference is that step haircuts have layers that do not blend, they are well defined. See both and many other examples of two-layer haircuts below.

Long Blonde Balayage Hairstyle with Layered Ends