Short Bangs as a Must-Have for 2019


1. Straight Shag with Short Bangs

Bangs are bangs, right? Wrong. Traditional bangs conceal the forehead and deemphasize the upper half of your face. Short bangs have the opposite effect because they are meant to purposely draw attention to your forehead and eyebrows, which is precisely the area you want to emphasize.

Short baby bangs look great on almost everyone, but there are still some specific face shapes and hair textures that don’t lend themselves well to the style. If you’re a woman with the triangular face shape, you might want to steer away from too-short bangs, because they could make your forehead look too wide and the mid-section of your face too narrow. Also, if you’re a girl with ultra-wavy or curly hair, you might have difficulties maintaining a short bangs look, because, at the slightest hint of humidity, the bangs will either bulge out and lose their shape, or shrink up, up and away.

Take a look at these 20 short bang options and select one that will work best for you!

A shag with short bangs is one of those haircuts that look great on super-straight hair. The long wisps and layers lengthen the face and give the style a youthful appearance.

Long Straight Shag With Baby Bangs