How to Style Bangs Waiting till They Grow Out


20. Dutch Braid

Changes help to shake things up and understand who you are and what is yours. Sometimes we have to deal with consequences of spontaneous decisions, like cutting bangs and waiting them to grow out again. Do you also want to hide your bangs and avoid wearing wigs or hijabs? This article is your ultimate guide to styling growing bangs and looking awesome. We’ll show you 20 various hair ideas of how to calm your fringe and mislead your friends.

Here you’ll find some amazing examples of aptly and beautifully styled bangs. You can also use all these ideas, if you’re satisfied with your fringe, but sometimes want to try on new bangs-free hairstyles.

These cute Dutch braids are the best at concealing the truth of having bangs. That’s why remember the 1st rule: if you dream about hiding your wily fringe, master the art of braiding. Make your braids tight or lush, depending on your mood and outfit.

Side Dutch Braid With Braided Pony