40 Cute Styles Featuring Curly Hair with Bangs

Messy Medium Waves

Medium wavy hairstyle with side fringe

Curly hair with bangs looks extremely cute and feminine. Many women with natural curls still have a love-hate relationship with their hair, mainly due to the belief that it’s rather difficult to style because of its texture. There is one widespread myth about curly hair that has been etched in women’s minds: women with curly hair shouldn’t wear bangs. This is not true at all! In fact, adding bangs actually softens up your look and makes your hairstyle pretty hot, too!

If you are curious about how to wear curly hair with bangs, check out the following pictures with inspiring looks to get new creative ideas for yourself.

Highlight bright blue eyes with soft bangs. Incorporating dark brown pieces into the soft flaxen blonde will add dimension to your curly hair with bangs and enhance the visual interest of the style. Messy waves are universally appealing—you can’t go wrong with this look.

Soft and Shaggy Bob

Blonde wavy bob with side bangs

No one can deny the appeal of a beautiful blonde bob. It manages to be both sexy and sophisticated at the same time. Take the standard layered cut to the next level by incorporating curls; the texture will also add fullness to thin strands.

Indie Screen Queen

Long wavy hairstyle with straight bangs

Zooey Deschanel made a blunt fringe and long loose waves the standard look for lovable and incredibly smart girls next door. This style has become the go-to look for women everywhere because it flatters many different hair colors and textures.

Hot Wavy Red Bob

Short red curly hairstyle with bangs

Curly red hair may typically bring up memories of orphan Annie, but not anymore thanks to this sultry style with fringe. The messy waves are touchable and effortless for just the right amount of sexiness. Pair with a vibrant lip for a pop of color.

Wild Shaggy Layers

Medium messy wavy hairstyle with bangs

If your hair has a looser curl pattern, and your face shape is oblong or oval, opt for straight across bangs to add an edgy vibe to your look. They will blend in easier with the rest of the style, as opposed to looks with tighter curl patterns. It is perfect for a night out or a fashion-forward photo shoot.

Playful Coiled Corona

Medium Natural Curly Hairstyle

Encircling the face with a halo of corkscrews is a pretty and exuberant way to wear shoulder length tresses. Use a diffuser and a handful of mousse to expand and elevate the shape. Keep contours loose for a youthful and free-spirited feeling.

Beachy Aqua Pigtails

Pastel Teal Natural Hair With Blue Roots

Curly hair with bangs, tousled texture, and an oceanic palette evoke the summer surf. A pair of high ponytails is a great way to embrace—instead of fight—unruliness. Leave a few spirals free at the front hairline for a bit of flirtiness.

Curlicue Shingle Bob

Short Bob For Curly Hair

We love the balance of ethereal and edgy in this cut. The tapered neckline and choppy micro bangs give the short curly hair a contemporary twist. Removing weight brings in bounce, while the rich chocolate hue makes the airy ends feel more substantial.

Golden Waves with Bangs

Curly Medium Hairstyle With Bangs

Using slightly different hues for length and fringe adds definition to the free-flowing lines of wavy hair. Parting deeply and sweeping to one side blends the blunt edge of the bangs; drying with an oval paddle brush bevels. Wrap any slack sections around a styling wand to refine.

Relaxed and Rumpled Corkscrews

Messy Curly Medium Length Hairstyle

One of the easiest ways to make spirals seem modern is wear them a little messy. The curly bangs in this look are sparse, allowing strands to separate and articulate, contrasting the overall density. After drying, slide fingers underneath and massage to fluff.

Curly Lavender Locks

Light Brown Hair With Lavender Balayage

Whirls of lilac transform tresses into a fairy tale fantasy. Wrap thick sections around a curling iron to achieve the relaxed undulations pictured. Subtle curves bevel the ends of the wavy bangs and merge them seamlessly into the sides.

Curly Pixie Cut

Short Hairstyle For Natural Hair

Sometimes those with natural curls are afraid to go short, but this look proves there’s nothing to fear. Graduated shapes that build up weight toward the interior supply structure to coils. The elongated tendrils in the front are a playful touch.

Curly Layers with Bangs

Medium Curly Golden Brown Hairstyle

This classic shape provides uniform distribution of body throughout the complementary medium length. The sweeping front and golden brown shade customize the style. For curly hair, bangs can sometimes feel blocky; angling them flatters the cheekbones and accentuates the eyes.

Chopped and Twisted

Long Wavy Light Brown To Silver Ombre Hair

Using a spiral technique—where hair is twisted once at the scalp and then wrapped lengthwise down the barrel of an iron—produces an evenly curled effect. Choppy straight bangs and silver ombre ends incorporate popular color trends into the sweet design.

Vivid Pink Ringlets

Mid Length Layered Perm Hair

If you want a mane that’s statement making, this look is for you. Never underestimate the power of color; it can turn an otherwise conservative form into a show stopper. Take the edge off with feminine touches: a cottony finish and curled bangs.

Curly and Crisp

Medium Curly Hair With Short Blunt Bangs

Combining an architectural element with an organic one produces a delightful contrast. For those whose curl pattern is irregular, blunt bangs with curly hair is a strong cut that requires minimal effort. The clean edge is accentuated by the surrounding twists and turns.

Bouncy Rainbow Bob

Multi-Colored Natural Curly Hairstyle

If you’re ready to take your curly bob from ho-hum to wow, this is your inspiration. Leave your texture unrestrained, enhancing it with interlocking panels of vibrant pink, sea green and turquoise. A smattering of highly varied layers expresses uniqueness and confidence.

Loopy Copper Wires

Messy Curly Red Hairstyle With Cropped Bangs

If you want an updated version of something timeless, mingle and refine retro techniques. Try gently teasing with fingers or a brush to expand and aerate strands into a spun sugar effect. Incorporate an additional vintage flair with a pin-up style bang.

Curly Face Frame

Curly Brown Hairstyle With Highlights

Smooth transitions are the key to achieving easy-to-manage bangs for curly hair. This cut features a continuous flow of the layered curls from the short pieces at the brow to the drawn-out ends. The structure reduces weight and results in a fluid cascade.

Crown of Light

Medium Natural Blonde Hairstyle

Blonde curly hair feels less dense than darker shades; that’s because our eyes pick up the surface quality on pale hues and perceive the outlines on deeper ones. Subtle lowlights add even more differentiation. Keep it in vogue with a caramel tone like the one pictured.

Cinnamon Shag

Curly Layered Hairstyle With Bangs

Long curly hair has an easy-going bohemian vibe. The tousled texture and scattered lightness through the tips show off the chunky layers. The irregular texture flatters strong jaw lines and prominent features. To style, simply scrunch in some mousse and air dry.

Bookish Brunette Babe

Long Curly Hairstyle With Bangs

Glasses can present a challenge for curly hairstyles with bangs. The solution is to wear side bangs that fall an inch or so above the brows so they complement, not compete with, the frames. Unbroken length at the sides and back prevents cowlicks.

Honey Glazed Kinks

Short To Medium Natural Hair With Highlights

Painting color on individual strands creates luminous ribbons that add dimension. The warm sunny and sandy hues are perfect for brightening a brown base. We like to style tight corkscrews by twisting in nourishing oil-based products for polish and moderate hold.

Inverted Bob with Bangs

Curly Bob With Bang And Highlights

Angles and curves offset each other creating shapes that feel perfectly balanced. The sloped edge goes with subtle stacking that shifts heaviness away from the nape. A separate line curves gently above the eyes. Filaments of cream showcase the coil pattern by tracing individual helices.

Part the Waves

Medium Messy Curly Hairstyle With Bangs

Short curly hair with bangs is a look that suits curl types ranging from barely-there to Botticelli. For those with rippled texture, lots of choppy layers enhance the natural bend. The divided curtain above the forehead elongates the face while the messy zigzag split prevents severity.

Natural Updo with Faux Fringe

Curly updo with bangs

Fans of Rihanna will immediately recognize this auburn high ponytail with curly bangs, as it is a recent favorite look of the Bajan pop star. Regularly drawing inspiration from the nineties, Riri has worn this look everywhere from the red carpet and beach-side chilling to dinner dates and beyond.

Layered Natural Tendrils

Medium length natural curly hairstyle

There’s a long antiquated rule that you aren’t supposed to wear bangs with curly hair due to shrinkage and a funny resemblance to a poodle. The best way to combat this association is to work with a stylist who specializes in curly hair to make sure that your bangs blend in with the layers in your hair; the result will be a full and flirty hairdo.

Tried and True

Side parted curly hairstyle for black women

When black women with natural hair have a hard time taming their curls, a twist out is the answer. The process of doing the twists overnight and undoing them in the morning works on longer bobs and long hair alike for thick bouncy curls that last for days.

Chic Messy Bob

Short curly hairstyle with bangs for thin hair

Rocking a banged bob is also a way for women with round faces to slim their visage. The loose curls that are not so voluminous frame the sides of the girl’s face to make it look longer. Plus, the layered cut ensures that your curls dry in perfect spirals for an easy wash-and-go hairstyle.

Curly Bob with Purple Streaks

Dark brown hair with purple highlights and bangs

Sometimes spiral curls can look too precious, especially on women with thick hair which can be overpowering. To upgrade your hairstyle to a more cutting-edge look, opt for a beautiful hair color. A deep purple is a lovely choice for perfect brunette curls. If you worry about breakage or committing to one color, try a semi-permanent formula.

Wavy Half Up Half Down Style

half up half down curly hair with bangs

If you want to change things up a bit, you can style your curly hair with light eyebrow-skimming bangs like Jennie Garth did. Gather your hair into a half-up, half-down hairstyle. Let your curls cascade freely on your shoulders. Meanwhile, you can straighten your bangs and let them fall right above your eyes.

Tight Curls with Straight Bangs

mid length curly hair with straight bangs

Kathy Griffin shows you another way to rock straight bangs. Style your curls with lots of volume and body to your hair. To complete the look, you can make a style statement by wearing short, blunt bangs.

Side Parted Beach Waves

tousled curly hair with bangs

There is nothing that complements an effortless and chic wavy style more than long side bangs like Eliza Coupe’s. This particular way to style bangs is best suited for women who prefer A-line bob hairstyles. It makes your bangs blend seamlessly with the rest of your hair for an awesome natural-looking style.

Full Cropped Bangs

short curly hair with bangs

Camilla Belle’s full bangs are not usual among women with curly hair. However, if you dare to wear this hairstyle, you can definitely render a chic and edgy vibe to your look. You may add some wisps to your bangs, so that they do not look too heavy and blocky on your forehead.

Swoopy Bangs for Layered Waves

long layered hair with bangs

Since curly hair tends to shrink, long bangs always work better for curls than a short fringe. Take a hint from Sandra Taylor. She aptly pairs her layered waves with long swoopy bangs.

Curly Blonde Lob

blonde curly hair with bangs

Malin Akerman’s wavy bob is such a fresh look on the red carpet! By the way, you can easily recreate this look, especially if you have shoulder-length hair. Let your natural waves fall freely on your shoulders. Then, make an off-centered part, so that your bangs hang loosely to work as a face-framing detail.

Wavy Hair with Choppy Bangs

messy curly hair with bangs

It is okay to let your curls and bangs be a bit unruly sometimes. There is something effortlessly casual and chic about naturally wavy bangs. Take Laura Dern’s hairstyle as an example. It is wavy and carefree without looking overly messy.

Long Glamorous Bangs

curly hair with extra long side bangs

There is nothing more glamorous than long wavy bangs to accentuate your natural curls. Do not be too afraid to achieve lots of volume on your hair like Anna Chapman. This is a great hairstyle for long hair, too, but it works best on the shoulder-length.

Short and Curly Pixie Cut

short curly hair with side bangs

Selenis Leyva looks incredible with this short hairstyle, and the addition of bangs guarantees a head-turning look. The best thing about this particular hairstyle is that it’s youthful, chic and easy to style with foams or mousses.

Arched Bangs for Natural Hair

black curly hair with straight bangs

The arched bangs flatter Kerry Washington immensely, because they accentuate her beautiful eyes. There is some effortless chic vibe to this particular style of bangs. It definitely flatters oval, long, triangular and heart-shaped faces.

As you can see, there are several ideas worth a try when you want to add bangs to your curly hair. It is all about accepting the natural peculiarities of your hair and learning to play up with styling products, depending on what result you want to achieve.