20 Chic Long Inverted Bobs to Inspire Your 2019 Makeover

Textured Bronde Bob

Inverted Bronde Balayage Bob with Layers

Are you a modern woman on the hunt for a classy, statement hairstyle? Our long inverted bob variations are a fabulous declaration of femininity mixed with a bit of boldness that is sure to take your hair to the next level!

You are so DONE with long hair! Too much work and product, and eventually it always seems to get swooped up in a ponytail anyway! We feel you, big time. Try expressing your individuality with one of these long inverted bobs, and at the same time, simplify your morning hair routine.

Simple, straightforward, and no surprises here, the classy inverted bronde bob is a timeless choice that looks great on most women. It’s just slightly shorter in the back and features some natural movement thanks to layering.

Brunette Lob with Copper Balayage and Waves

Dark Brown Long Bob with Copper Highlights

If you’re used to having lengthy tresses, consider a long inverted bob haircut as a “not too drastic” transition style. The back section hits the shoulder, and the front part dips down even further, adding length just where you want it.

Shaggy Bob with Razored Ends

Ash Brown Bob Shag

The messy ash brown bob with a subtle balayage still manages to maintain an understated quality. Deeply angled from back to front, the blondish ends flow to the collarbone and frame the face beautifully. Frivolity without going over the top!

Angled Straight Bob with Side Bangs

Inverted Caramel Brown Lob

An inverted lob with side bangs is the type of hairstyle we like to refer as “keeps on giving”. From the deep copper balayage on coffee brown hair to the feathery wisps floating along the side, there’s just a hint of the shingle bob in this one.

Brown Bob with Copper Babylights

Brunette Lob with Long Layers

Yummy chocolatey goodness has never looked better than this long inverted bob that grazes the shoulders all the way around the perimeter. Somewhat uneven ends on straighter hair are perfectly accented with warm copper babylights.

Sassy Wavy Bob with Golden Balayage

Curly Golden Brown Bob with Side Bangs

A long inverted bob works equally well for straight or wavy hair. The slightly squared off shape of this cute cut is accented with extra-long front waves and side-swept bangs.

Center Parted Straight Hair Bob

Asian Inverted Bob

If you’re happy with your jet-black straight hair, a center-parted long inverted bob with razored ends is a superb choice. The wash-and-go style has cute flyaways and guarantees an absolutely effortless look.

Long Inverted Bob with Blonde Balayage

Bronde Wavy Lob

Making a decision to commit to a bronde balayage is an easy one, especially after making the daring leap to a choppy angled bob cut. The barely there waves hit all the right places and do an excellent job of framing the face.

Super-Curly Side Parted Bob

Brown Curly Angled Lob

Chocolate brown spirals dress up this picture-perfect inverted curly bob. Sometimes bobs can be difficult to manage with untamed wavy hair, but just a bit of gel or mousse can go a long way in keeping things under control.

Honey-Blonde Long Inverted Bob

Caramel Brown Lob

Here’s a gorgeous option if you are struggling with the idea of cutting long straight hair. Your lustrous, thick and silky hair will look even more creamy and sleek when it’s cut and shaped into a long inverted bob.

Honey Blonde Wispy Bob

Angled Caramel Blonde Lob

Not sure if a bob is the right look for you? No worries! Start off with a long inverted bob haircut and go from there. If you love it, great! If you hate it, you can always cut it even shorter or you can let it grow out. (But we’re sure you’ll love it!)

Straightened Black Inverted Bob

Side-Parted Angled Bob Blowout

Who says that black hair can’t be straightened and shaped into a striking long inverted bob? Steeply angled and drop-dead gorgeous, all you need is a spectacular evening gown and you’ll be ready to walk down the red carpet!

Piece-y Textured Inverted Bob

Jagged Burgundy Balayage Lob

Are you courageous enough to upgrade your long inverted bob with bangs and a vivid color? The sultry peek-a-boo fringe and jagged waves will make you feel chic and current.

Dimensional Highlighted Lob

Blonde Balayage Lob

Swoopy and sassy, a long inverted bob has an extra touch of class and sophistication when you tuck the bangs behind the ear. It’s a style that works particularly well if your straight hair tends to be thick and coarse.

Shaggy Shoulder Length Bob with Highlights

Disconnected Layered Bronde Lob

Long layered locks are what set this textured lob apart from all the rest. The bronde hair color with golden highlights is a fantabulous option for a versatile office-to-playtime hairstyle that’s easy to maintain.

Layered Blonde Bob for Straight Hair

Long Layered Ash Bronde Bob

The long angled and feathered layers give depth and volume to this pretty flaxen blonde lob. A classy twist on the standard long inverted bob haircut helps you to customize the hairstyle.

White Blonde Inverted Lob

Angled Blonde Balayage Lob

Go for the blondest of blonde highlights and paint them over a dark base hair color, and you’ll end up with a stylish lob that is the envy of everyone you meet! Check it out! Angled, sliced, and so chic!

Uneven Curly Rusty Brown Lob

Curly Reddish Brown Lob

All it takes is a sizzling rusty hair color, some messy curls set off with side bangs, and voila, you’ve got one helluva inverted lob! Long, dainty tendrils curl around the face in the sweetest way, but the shape of the cut is still quite dramatic.

Long Inverted Bob with Shaggy Layers

Shaggy Ash Brown Lob

A long inverted bob for thick hair has never looked better! It’s full, yet lightweight – shaggy yet structured. We love the sophisticated color and shattered texture!

Chic Bronze Lob

Ash Brown Angled Bob

Will you dare to take the plunge and go for a V-cut long inverted bob? If you do, trust us, you won’t regret it! The light brown, golden, and strawberry blonde hues flatter many skin tones and eye colors.

The inverted lob is a one-size-fits-all haircut: hitting the shoulders, it will work with the curliest of curls and the straightest of straight hair. All it takes is a little bit of vision and a smidgeon of courage and you’ll be able to make any one of these hairstyles all your own. So, put away your ponytail scrunchies and get ready to try on a fantastic long inverted bob!