35 Mesmerizing Short Red Hairstyles for True Redheads


35. The Red Long Bob (AKA “The Lob”)

Short red hairstyles are quite popular and trendy nowadays. But it was not always so. Years ago red-haired women were believed to be witches, who were cast into the fire. Not everyone dared to look into their eyes. Today red-haired beauties still have that little magic spark that’s why men are drawn by the red fire of their locks.

There are 35 most seductive, passionate and sexy looks from redheads. The most beautiful, stylish and confident women are sharing their breathtaking short red hairstyles and haircuts. So, let’s see what new red hair ideas we can draw from them.

This gorgeous red hair look is great for any occasion because it can be dressed up or down. Can’t you just imagine how cute this would look with a sparkly barrette or headband? It also requires very little fuss in the morning because it looks wonderful with both wavy and straight styles.

long layered angled bob