Foilyage Hair Color Technique from A to Z

What Is Foilyage Hair?

Foilyage Hair Color Technique

There are professional hair terms only colorists seem to understand, and foilyage is one of them. Luckily, our stylist friend Samantha Harman wrote this article with all the important details about foilyage technique. Keep reading to know how foils plus balayage can help you get the color you’ve always dreamed about.

The technique foilyage (or foilayage) comes from combining traditional foils and balayage effect. Traditional foils are done in a pattern throughout the client’s head, resulting in a more consistent look. Balayage is hand-painted highlights, resulting in a more natural, sun-kissed look. However, a lot of times balayage won’t get as blonde as traditional foils. The foilyage method helps give clients the best of both worlds by combining the two techniques. It’s perfect for women who want those lighter blonde pieces throughout their hair while still having a natural, lived-in look.

Foilyage Hair Color Technique

Foilyage vs Balayage Technique

The foilyage hair color can be done many different ways. However, there are two ways that I find myself using most in the salon.

The first way I like to foilyage is to go through and foil the entire head and then balayage the pieces that are left out in between foils. When doing this, I try to apply the lightener in a different pattern so the hair will have more of a dimensional look. Using both of these methods helps avoid any type of lines throughout the hair, creating a more natural grow out.

The second way I use the foilyage technique is by painting the lightener onto the hair like a balayage and then wrapping the hair in foils. I do this because open-air balayages can only lift so many levels. Wrapping the hair in foil will produce a more dramatic result because the heat allows the hair to process evenly. This technique is perfect for clients with really dark hair who still want the balayage effect or for someone who wants a really drastic change.

Traditional Foils vs. Foilyage

Traditional Foils vs. Foilyage

Traditional foils lighten locks from roots to ends, giving the hair more of a consistent and patterned-based look. Foilyage allows the hair to be softer at the root and lighter on the ends, resulting in a more natural grow out.

If you want an all-over blonde look, I would do foils. If you like more of an effortless look, I would definitely choose foilyage.