50 Light Brown Hair Color Ideas with Highlights and Lowlights

Side Swept Waves for Ash Blonde Hair

ash brown hair with thin highlights

There is a joke claiming that everything is simple with women: straight hair has to be weaved, curly – relaxed, short – extended, long – cut. We may go on and add that blondes want to be brunettes and dark-hair girls see themselves blondes in their dreams. With highlights any change of hair hue is getting softer. It can be very subtle and absolutely in tune with your natural hair color. Or you can become a “bronde”, for instance, which is a blend of a brunette and blonde, why not? Besides, there are tons of interesting solutions with full/partial highlights and lowlights. Here is a gallery of 50 most eye-catching ones.

Highlights are a spice of your dark brown or light brown hairstyles. Even the simplest haircut looks exquisite with the right chosen and done highlights. They will bring out your eye color and skin tone, add body to your hair and look stunning whether you wear your hair lose or style it in sophisticated dos.

Basically highlights are at least 2 tones lighter than your natural color. When they are done all through the head, these are full highlights. Partial highlights are done more locally, from the crown towards the bangs, for instance, or mainly for side tresses. Sometimes lowlights are added for the 3-tone dyeing. Lowlights are normally at least 2 tones darker than your natural hair. To make highlights or/and lowlights on brown hair colorists use either traditional foil techniques for precise streaking or the balayage method when dyes are applied with special paddles.

The latest hair trends suggest natural looks and subtle transitions of hair colors and shades, which make your basic color more radiant, accentuate your eyes and skin tone. Pale skin and soft brown hair, for example, go well with highlights just 1 shade lighter. However, you may also opt for more contrasting bolder solutions.

Let’s see the ideas in photos in order to have a better idea.

Don’t want to go fully blond? Try out one of our favorite color ideas. Ash blonde is a step between blonde and brunette and is a nice, subtle change. Hair with highlights is always more multidimensional than monochromatic locks.

Long Chocolate Hair with Subtle Highlights

Brown Hair With Bronde Highlights

Lighten up your brown locks with cool ash highlights. They lift the color and give your locks gorgeous brightness. Layers will help to balance the cut even further, adding your hairstyle texture and dimension.

Golden Bronde Colormelt

Subtle Shiny Balayage For Medium Brown Hair

Blend highlights and lowlights for a hairstyle with endless depth. The colormelt is stunning and perfect for those who are noncommittal. You get the best of both worlds with a little brown and a little blonde. No need to choose when the hues complement each other so well.

Brown Hair with Caramel Ribbons

High-Contrast Caramel Blonde Highlights

These aren’t the hair ribbons you grew up with. The blonde streaks are a bold and stylish addition to back skimming locks. They lift the color of your light brown hair, keeping it from feeling flat and dull. Piecey layers and loose waves complete the laid-back look.

Cool Toned Highlights

Wavy Brown Hair With Highlights

Highlights and lowlights twisting together in loose curls? Umm, yes please! The brown lowlights are more prominent on the top and back of the head, while the blonde tones stand out more in the front. So it’s like ombre, but not quite. Stunning, for sure.

Thin and Soft Highlights

Brown Bob With Blonde Babylights

The soft, barely-there blonde streaks in this bob are totally chic. Subtle highlights are a great option when you want partial highlights, or you can go all out and have some highlights in the under layers as well. Because every stylist has different ideas of subtlety, you’ll do best if you bring in a picture.

Highlights on Sandy Brown Hair

Blonde Highlights For Brown Hair

Some of the best highlight ideas for light brown hair are all based on achieving a natural look. Think of this style as the recreation of the highlights you used to get as a kid after long days spent outside. With inspiration like that, you’ll achieve a youthful style.

Medium Brown Hair with Golden Highlights

Blonde Balayage For Brown Hair

Light brown hair with highlights is a big opportunity for creativity. You can do whatever you want. This style combines the balayage technique with stand-out streaks for a super pretty, fun style. With the blonde skewing on the golden side and the brown showing mild tones of red, this look is for those with a warm skin tone.

Ash Bronde Highlights for Brown Hair

Subtle Balayage For Long Brown Hair

In the mood for cooler tones? Ashen highlights are the way to go. They offer your hair a softer color, while still feeling natural. The balayage is subtle, but that doesn’t stop it from giving your light brown hair color endless dimension.

Painted Balayage Highlights

Lob With Brown Blonde Balayage

This light brown hair look is perfection. You can’t go wrong with these flattering tones and textures. Ask your stylist for painted on (or balayage) highlights that are brighter near the face. Then have her style it with modern loose waves.

Multi-Toned Bob with Lowlights

Brown Lob With Blonde Highlights

Partial highlights are typically placed through the top layer of the hair off the part, so that they fall over the rest of the hair. The darker hair underneath with the blond on top makes for a sassy look. Light brown hair color can be known for skewing “mousy,” – this look is anything but.

Angled Bob with Light Brown Highlights

Long Brown Balayage Bob

The caramel and ashy tones in this hair color are so pretty! The addition of just a few thin blonde highlights makes it super fresh and modern. To keep the look contemporary, go for a choppy bob with no bangs. For a city chic look style it with bendy waves.

Shiny Blonde Ribbons for Toffee Brown Base

Caramel Blonde Balayage For Light Brown Hair

Light brown hair with highlights is a guaranteed wow-worthy combination. The balayage mixed with babylights oozes beachy vibes, and the loose waves emphasize it even more. The lived-in look is perfect for someone who is laid-back and a big fan of effortless style.

Brunette Hair with Melting Blonde Highlights

Long Brown Hair With Thin Highlights

Bronze things up a bit with blonde and coppery highlights against a chocolate-colored base. Styled with sleek waves, it becomes a refined and polished look. While waves often bring texture to your tresses, you can still keep things tame and understated if you aren’t in the mood for a lot of volume.

Brown Blonde Hairstyle with Loose Waves

light brown hair with blonde highlights

Get a totally beachy look by creating gentle waves using a large barrel curling iron. Part your hair to the side to create lengthy bangs that blend easily into the mane. Keep your natural darker hair color mostly at the roots and add highlights throughout. Or, on the contrary, freshen your light brown hair with lowlights, the result will amaze you!

Bronze Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Brown Hair With Warm-Toned Shiny Highlights

If you’re going from blonde to brunette, a balayage is one way to hold onto some of the lighter hues you love. It will be a less dramatic transformation, that doesn’t skimp on style. Plus, the mix of blonde and brown makes the hair multidimensional.

Sweet Caramel and Chocolate Blend

Medium Caramel Brown Balayage Hair

Caramel-colored highlights put the sweet into this long bob. Loose waves that graze the collarbone boost the feminine vibes. The warmth of the light brown balayage is the perfect complement to sun-kissed and bronzy skin tones.

Toffee Brown Lob with Golden Blonde Highlights

Golden Bronde Balayage Lob

Golden highlights pair well with brown locks because not only is the color gorgeous, but it helps to emphasize the sheen of your locks. That frizz-free shine is what gives hair its healthy glow. Plus, it’s easy to maintain with this medium-length cut.

Mid-Shaft-To-Ends Ash Blonde Balayage

Long Brown Hair With Ash Blonde Highlights

A balayage already delivers effortless style with its luscious mix of colors. What makes it even better is when your hair grows out, with the dark roots your hairstyle gains more contrast and gets chicer. So, you can skip your routine six-week touchups, which is also healthier for your locks.

Scattered Golden Highlights for Chocolate Hair

Shiny Caramel Bronde Balayage Hair

Light brown hair with blonde highlights is the key to shiny locks with depth. The lighter shades bring a subtle contrast and give more definition to the texture of the cut. The loose waves are really pronounced because of the multiple tones woven throughout.

Brown Ombre Hair

Bronde Ombre Balayage For Brown Hair

Light brown hair enjoys a brand new life with the addition of ombre hair color. Starting with your natural brown at the roots, hair is progressively lightened until the ends are golden blonde.

Thin Beige Highlights for Brown Hair

Brown Hair With Thin Blonde Highlights

Thin highlights blend seamlessly into the hair, which makes them a good choice for someone seeking a more natural look. You only have to go a couple shades lighter, and that is more than enough to make an impact.

Bright Blonde Contour Highlights

White Blonde Highlights For Bronde Hair

Have fun with your balayage and highlights. You don’t have to stick to the ordinary ombre-inspired look. Have the lightest pieces around your face to brighten and draw attention to it. The higher the contrast between the highlights and your natural color, the bolder the style.

Messy Bob with Face-Framing Balayage

Subtle Face-Framing Balayage For Brown Hair

Even a short bob is a cute canvas for balayage light brown hair. Since you don’t have a lot of inches to work with, opt for a stark contrast between the blonde and brown to make the most out of the locks you got. The choppy ends and a messy finish actually enhance the edginess of the cut.

Delicious Ash Brown and Caramel Blonde Blend

Light Brown Hair With Caramel Balayage

Nice and toasty, the honey-hued highlights warm up this medium bob. The different shades make the texture really stand out. The waves pop thanks to the darker base and lighter pieces throughout.

Gorgeous Tawny Bob with Blonde Balayage

Tousled Brown Bob With Caramel Highlights

Guaranteed to look good in pictures, the balayage bob is trending for good reason. The angular cut is flattering, while the color combo is mesmerizing. When you’re headed out in the AM, give your locks a tousle with your favorite product to create that messy-but-cute style.

Honey Light Brown Locks

Blonde Balayage For Long Brown Hair

Warm and natural, this is one of the most popular options when it comes to highlights for light brown hair. Starting with your base color, your stylist will work with caramel highlights to create an even, flattering splash of color enhancement.

Illuminating Lowlights

Chocolate And Blonde Balayage Hair

Love to curl your hair but want something a bit different? Go with some lowlights and highlights that enhance your base color instead of hiding it. The lowlights will add a distinctive richness to your hair, while the highlights will really accentuate curls and layers.

Creamy Blonde Highlights on Hazel Brown Base

Subtly Highlighted Caramel Brown Hair

Light brown hair with caramel highlights will have you doing a double take, it’s so stunning! Chunkier highlights might not be as natural but they do create an almost sun-bleached look, like you’re fresh off the beach. And of course, the loose waves complement that So-Cal vibe.

Dramatic Highlights and Lowlights

Blonde Highlights For Light Brown Hair

Ditch your homegrown light brown hair color for something much more dramatic when you combine a very bright blonde color with a deep dark brown hue. This stark contrast is especially lovely on longer hair, where there’s more room to show off the artistic blend of light meeting dark.

Scattered Bronde Highlights of Varied Intensity

Long Brown Hair With Subtle Highlights

Make your balayage unique by spreading out the highlights unevenly. Yes, unevenly. The difference in concentration of color in some areas versus others creates a coif rich in dimension. Pass on a style with a lot of texture, like layers, to keep the haircut from feeling too busy.

Very Soft Feminine Bronde Balayage

Long Caramel Brown Balayage Hair

A lot of times when someone thinks of balayage, they think of something very trendy. This golden hairstyle, however, proves that minimalism and subtlety can be current too. It’s important that when you try out a new trend, you find a way to make it fit with your personal style.

Bold Face-Framing and Understated Balayage

Face Framing Highlights For Brown Hair

Use your light brown hair with highlights for a cool retro vibe. Layered and slightly feathered, the hairstyle pictured, is a chic example of taking a classic style and making it feel fresh. The loose curls and face-framing highlights are the key.

Tortoiseshell Waves

Medium Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Using a small curling iron, add some waves that border upon loose ringlets. This will really show off any highlights or lowlights hair may have. Don’t have a lot of time for morning styling? Go with a shoulder length or shorter haircut.

Angled Highlights

Wavy Brown Bob With Honey Highlights

Liven up your brown hair with a pop of honey blonde in strategically placed locations. If you have an angled haircut, you will want the color to follow these lines as well – accentuating the longer pieces as well as the rear of the style.

Edgy Cut with Purple Highlights

light brown hair with lavender highlights

Can’t decide which color to go for? You may as well go all out and embrace a fun color like purple. You can even use hair chalk or temporary dye if you’re afraid to commit. Combined with an asymmetrical cut, purple highlights create a bold and stylish look.

Natural Looking Lowlights

Long Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

With this look, there are so many highlights that you don’t know where the base color ends and where the highlighting begins. The result is one of the most beautiful light hair colors we’ve ever seen. To maintain the perfect toning over time, a deep purple shampoo will work wonders.

Dimensional Medium Waves

Light Brown Balayage Hair

Experienced stylists know that understated looks can be the most difficult ones to create. It requires restraint and control to balayage hair in a way that’s natural but also show-stopping. The key is face-framing highlights that are more prominent than the highlights throughout.

Layered Bob with Carmel Highlights

Golden Blonde Highlights For Brown Hair

This warm toned brown color is a little bit honey, a little bit caramel, and a lot gorgeous! To know if a warm tone might be right for you, check your closet. If you navigate towards rustic, earthy tones and golds, that’s a key sign that this color could look great on you. Women tend to pick the right colors automatically.

Stacked Bob with Highlights

Angled Brown Bob With Blonde Highlights

Highlights and lowlights can liven up otherwise dull brown hair, as can a new haircut. This stacked bob brings volume to fine hair, while the dashes of blonde also help to pep things up a bit.

Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

Wavy Brown Blonde Balayage Bob

If you’re looking for something different but don’t want to spend a fortune, opt for highlights or lowlights. They tend to be more affordable than a new solid color, and they have the added advantage of brightening your face and boosting dimension of curls.

Brown with Chocolate and Blonde Highlights

Brown Hair With Chunky Blonde Highlights

For a bold update to brown color, go for thicker streaks. Reddish brown and bright blonde strands make a definite statement. This style looks great with loose waves and curls that help show off the dimension. It’s not natural, and that’s okay. What’s important is finding YOUR style — be it quiet or loud.

Caramel Highlights on Choppy Cut

Caramel Blonde Choppy Bob

A choppy haircut is an ideal style for those who have fine hair but don’t want to deal with a ton of maintenance. Sporting light brown hair with highlights that lean more toward a caramel color will really make your face glow and your new cut shine.

Thin and Subtle Highlights

Long Brunette Hair With Blonde Highlights

If you have been looking for highlight ideas but find most to be too extreme or not flattering to your personal style, stick with something subtle. Just a thin line of blonde throughout the hair can really make an impact without going overboard.

Warming Up Light Brown Hair

Caramel And Honey Highlights

In the winter months, many women look for a warmer hair hue that doesn’t venture too far from their natural color. Red highlights are the perfect solution for those wanting to try something new. Adding a healthy glow and an illusion of extra thickness to the hair are the two major advantages of this pretty color combo.

Cool and Neutral Blonde Balayage Highlights

Bronde Balayage Ombre Highlights

The balayage is known for its cool-factor. You have a lot to play around and experiment with to make the style feel unique to you. While warm and golden hues are very popular choices, a neutral blonde shade might be better suited to your complexion.

Long Soft Caramel Balayage Hair

Caramel And Golden Blonde Highlights For Brown Hair

Emphasize the sleekness of your long mane with a warm balayage. The highlights elongate the look of your tresses, while the long locks elongate the face. So, that makes this cut as flattering as it’s stylish.

Delicate Light Brown Highlights

Bronde Colormelt For Long Hair

This light brown hair with blonde highlights is what you get when you grow out a balayage lob. The angled ends that made your long bob so structured now give your back-skimming locks beautiful movement.

Blurred Blonde Balayage

Warm Bronde Highlights For Long Brown Hair

Total hair goals! It can be tough trying to grow your locks this long while also having it color treated. If you keep it moisturized, it will help to minimize breakage. You will have your own luscious tresses in no time.

Medium Brown Hair with Shine-Boosting Highlights

Subtle Light Brown Highlights For Brunettes

The way highlights accent the curls creates the illusion that the hair is even shinier than it actually is. So, you don’t have to reach for product and wave your tresses trying to create that healthy-looking glow. In fact, the strategic use of layers will make your cut feel lighter and look fuller.

Well, thanks to these pictures we have provided you with a bunch of ideas on highlights for light and dark brown hair. Hopefully, you’ll choose something inspiring for your fresh spring look and feel more confident when explaining in a salon what you’d like to get as a result.