Blonde Ombre Hair To Charge Your Look With Radiance

Long Golden Bronde Ombre

brown to blonde long ombre hair

Ombre endows blonde hair with fabulous radiance. You may try blonde ombre on dishwater blonde, strawberry blonde, light brown and even medium brown as a basic color. Ashy blonde or platinum ends refresh your locks and make them brighter. Alternatively you can opt for golden notes, especially if your skin is tanned and has a warm subtone.

Let’s view the examples.

Blonde ombre is one of the most popular choices in coloristic techniques available today. In this example we have brown to blonde ombre that actually resembles a flow of rich honey blonde shades. As for the styling, this gorgeous mane is filled with lots of soft, bouncy waves that are versatile and appropriate for a host occasions.

Medium Length Blonde Ombre

ash blonde sombre

This light blonde look highlights a subtle ombre effect. The toned down, almost undetectable ombre color creates an understated appearance to medium or short hair, but still provides the fullness of color. There is also a slight wave to the hair to add some thickness and texture.

Strawberry Blonde Ombre

caramel to blonde ombre

There is something so incredibly sexy about a head full of soft, deep body waves. Here, you have a lovely strawberry blonde hair color that goes from light auburn red to blonde seamlessly. The hair is also deeply parted on one side so that it mysteriously falls in a sort of peek-a-boo.

Dark Blonde Ombre on Dark Brown Base

dark brown lob with light brown and blonde ombre highlights

Playing with the versatile colors of brown and blonde ombre, this hairstyle features dark blonde hues mixed with light browns to create the look that’s unique and effortlessly chic. The hairstyle itself is a choppy Bob styled with a few sparse waves placed throughout to achieve a kind of undone look.

Soft Waves Ombre

dark brown to dark blonde ombre

This ombre look features a brown to blonde fade that is rich and magnetizing. The soft body waves are placed along the lower half of the length to complete this heavenly look.

Light Brown to Dark Blonde Ombre

light brown to honey blonde ombre

Here you have a sprinkling of honey blonde highlights thrown into the gorgeous mix of dark blonde and light blonde ombre locks. The way the hair color is placed is what creates the actual ombre effect. This mane is also very long and thick with just a little curl at the ends for a nice, natural-looking finish.

Brown Ombre Bob

dark brown ombre hair

In some instances blonde ombre is not as obvious as what you may be used to seeing. With this dark brown Bob, you have a touch of dark blonde color at the very ends. This isn’t the traditional ombre look, but its edgy, modern version.

Reddish Blonde Ombre

dark brown to caramel ombre

Red to blonde ombre solution appears to be more popular these days than in the past. Perhaps it’s because of the stunning strawberry blonde color it creates. The style of this look is relatively straight with a smooth, flowing wave only at the ends.

Dark Brown, Blonde and Gray

dark brown to ash blonde ombre

If it’s a modern take on the ash blonde look that you want, then this is an idea for you. With just the right amount of edge, some brunette, ash blonde and gray tones come together to create this eye-catching ombre hairstyle. The finishing touch is the head full of voluminous waves.

Long, Medium Blonde Ombre

brown blonde ombre hair

When you have long, ombre blonde hair, it’s already bound to turn heads. However, when you add in some layers and beach waves that are slightly tousled with your fingers, you get one of the sexiest hairstyles around.

Wavy, Blunt Cut Ombre Hair

dark brown hair with ash blonde ombre highlights

Going from brown to blonde through an ombre look is not a big deal, but if you want to add a little edge to it, throw in some ash blonde notes into your mane. That’s exactly what this blunt cut, wavy Bob does, and the results are absolutely stunning.

Beach Blonde Ombre

light brown to blonde ombre

Here is a nice idea for blondes. When light blonde and beach blonde hair come together to create an ombre look, the outcome is a pretty feminine ‘do like this. Style some effortless loose waves to enhance the feel of softness it oozes.

Long Burgundy to Strawberry Blonde Ombre

red to caramel ombre

There are instances where ombre blonde hair is used to spice up another hair color instead of shining on its own. In this case we are dealing with a red to blonde color transition where the ends are getting cool-toned, taking on an ash blonde shade with a subtle pink tint.

Long, Brown and Blonde Ombre

brown blonde ombre for dark brown hair

If it is dramatic, show-stopping hair that you’re looking for, then this is definitely the coloristic idea to save for your next visit to a salon. Featuring a super long length, supple texture and brown to blonde ombre, this is the style and color that is ideal for those who want to stand out in the crowd.

Blunt Cut Ash Blonde Ombre Hair

straight brown to blonde ombre hair

“Classic”, “feminine” and “pretty” are the best words to describe this simple hairstyle and elegant hair color solution. The dark blonde color with pale blonde highlights creates a subtle ombre effect for a cool ash bronde look. Meanwhile, the hair is worn super straight with blunt cut ends.

Long Gray Ombre

ash blonde ombre

Creating ombre blonde hair by incorporating gray hues may be unexpected, but the final result is absolutely stunning, as evidenced by this look. Here, you have primarily gray hair that features subtle blonde highlights to warm up the color just a little bit and make it more sophisticated.

Deep Waves Ombre

caramel ombre

This ombre, perfect for brunettes with a warm skin tone, can be classified as light brown or dark blonde. Besides the delicious color fade, the other attraction of this hair look is, definitely, the deep body waves. They give volume, depth and tons of definition to your stunning mane.

Reverse Blonde Ombre

reverse blonde to brown ombre

Taking light blonde hair as a base, you can add just a hint of brown color at the ends as a modern take on traditional ombre. Reverse ombre is affordable as a low-maintenance version only for natural blondes, but you can always bleach your hair first and then add the colors if you really like the idea.

Ombre for Dishwater Blonde Hair

light blonde ombre hair

Light blonde and ash blonde can be paired beautifully to brighten up the dull dishwater blonde hair color. Thanks to the radiant platinum blonde at the ends, this ombre blonde hair brightens up your complexion and moves you hair style to the next level.

Dark Brown, Red and Blonde Ombre

3-color ombre for brunettes

If you can’t decide between brown to blonde and red to blonde transition, try this colorful hair color concoction. It also features some honey blonde notes to sweeten the mix that’s truly brought to the coloristic perfection.

Dishwater Blonde Into Bright Platinum Blonde

blonde ombre for medium-to-long hair

Girls with natural dishwater blonde hair are getting so sick with their somewhat dull color that they resort to bleaching or dye their locks into the lighter shades of brown. But there’s a better suggestion to enliven your locks, preserving your natural hue at the roots – ombre!

Gorgeous Brown Blonde Ombre

blonde ombre for medium brown hair

Women with hair, varying in lighter shades of brown can’t help going brown blonde, which is not surprising, by the way. Look how stunning it is whether you flat iron your tresses or curl them into soft flowing waves. Amazing bronde ombre will lighten your face thanks to very light blonde curls, and, I bet, your eyes will shine brighter too.

Golden Blonde Waves

golden blonde ombre hair

Thanks to the current trends every brown-haired fashionista can rock blond locks without having to bleach her tresses entirely from roots to ends. Brown blonde ombre is one of the most preferred solutions these days. With shorter tresses you may have it in the form of ombre highlights and go more on the golden blonde side.

Strawberry Blonde Into Ashy Blonde

strawberry blonde into platinum blonde ombre

Wow, these light hues give a very soft and tender feel, matching harmoniously in the 50/50 proportion. Long V-edged haircuts, certainly, make the biggest impression, but you can also try ombre like this on shorter tresses. Check this page for numerous ombre ideas for blonde, brown, red and black hair.

Honey Blonde Into Platinum Blonde

honey blonde into platinum ombre

Honey blonde fading into radiant platinum blonde makes an excellent base for bright summer looks. Being originally very charming, it does not require any sophisticated hairstyles. Messy natural-looking waves or braids would be right to the point. Here are ideas on beautiful wavy hairstyles for sunny days.

I like the idea of ombre even if suggests additional hair care routines for your bleached ends. If you haven’t found your perfect look here, please, visit Ombre Highlights Section, where you can find much more successful examples of ombre for different lengths and hair colors.