20 Purple Balayage Ideas from Subtle to Vibrant

Violet Lob with Tousled Waves

Brown Bob With Purple Balayage

Balayage has maintained immense popularity over the last few years because the hand painted technique offers natural and effortless color. Once thought of as a summer dyeing trend, the style can now be seen on women throughout the year — skip blonde, and spice up your locks with purple balayage this season.

Purple is a great choice for a carefree trendy lady, and balayage is lower maintenance than a full dye. Lilac, lavender, plum or violet, there’s a shade for all skin tones and hair colors! If you are interested in getting balayage, we recommend going to a salon as this technique is best left to professionals.

Violet balayage adds vivacity to trendy lob haircuts. A vibrant shade stands out best on dark brunettes, and gives off some really electric energy.

Faded Lavender and Silver Streaks

Blue And Pastel Purple Balayage

Purple balayage hair has a spectrum of tones, and here is a wonderful example of a dusty lavender version. Best for ladies who prefer ashy colors, lavender can be paired with hints of white or grey for an extra dimension.

Distressed Pastel Fuschia

Pastel Purple Hair With Black Roots

Not all purple hairstyles have to be bold or edgy! This one is perfect for a girly girl that wants to try out purple but is leaning more toward a pastel fuschia shade. The specks of pink add a nice feminine touch.

Bright Purple Waves

Lavender And Purple Balayage

Calling all our punk rock queens — here is your next color change! This shade is very bright and will require frequent dyeing to maintain its vividness, but it’s well worth it.

Washed Out Purple

Black To Pastel Purple Ombre

Complement your hipster style with pastel balayage purple tips. Oozing an antique, retro vibe, it is a pretty choice that doesn’t require too much upkeep.

Vibrant Grape Top Layer

Violet Balayage Bob For Brunettes

Grape jelly, anyone? A vivacious ‘do will be sure to brighten up everyone’s mood when you’re in the room. Make a statement and focus the dye on top layers of your hair for maximum impact.

Mystical and Bold Balayage

Pink And Violet Balayage

Starting off with ashy lavender and merging into bold lilac with highlights of dusty fuschia… this coiffure has it all! If your natural color is ashy, use a similar tone and fade it gradually to a warmer, more saturated shade of purple.

Sectional Balayage and Highlights

Purple And Electric Blue Balayage

There is a multi-tonal highlighting technique involved in this purple balayage hair. For added dimension, blend bright violet with ashy violet to truly make your locks pop!

Dusty Lavender with Saturated Tips

Ash Brown Balayage With Purple Ends

Washed out color is the goal when it comes to dusty lavender. To achieve this style, dye hair a very light pastel shade and focus saturated purple on the ends of your tresses.

Blonde and Purple Creamsicle

Chestnut Hair With Purple Balayage

Brunettes are not the only ones who can rock this trend. Blonde hair actually allows purple to pop beautifully and gives off a creamy fusion. If you want to achieve a creamsicle effect, pick a shade of purple that is of the same tone level as your blonde.

Potent Neon Hair

Long Purple And Blue Balayage Hair

If you’re a fan of neon, this is your purple balayage style. Extra striking on dark browns, it’s a ‘do that is sure to turn heads and make you the center of attention.

Ash Brown with Purple Streaks

Brown Bob With Subtle Purple Balayage

Enhance your naturally ashy hair by adding a complementing cool toned lilac to lock ends. It’s an understated method to incorporate a fun color into your ‘do and change up your style, but not make too much of a commitment to the trend or color maintenance.

Gradual Mauve Highlights

Long Brown Hair With Subtle Purple Balayage

Going with a greyish mauve is a smart option for ladies who work in a formal environment and want to play with an unnatural hair color in a more mature manner. Sticking with a faded mauve also doesn’t limit your wardrobe options as much as a bolder purple.

Smokey Plum Balayage

Black Hair With Purple Balayage

Add a mesmerizing smoke effect to your locks by blending a charcoal color into a purple-red plum shade. A rich dark purple balayage with color placement far from roots doesn’t keep you committed for a long time.

Piecey Light Purple

Short Choppy Purple Balayage Style

The color choice and cutting technique of this bob is youthful and fresh. Since only the top layers are dyed and locks underneath remain natural, it is a super easy way to try out the trend!

Indigo Purple Streaks

Blue And Purple Balayage For Brunettes

Take a walk on the dark side! If you love blue and purple, combining both creates a beautiful fusion. Try an indigo mixture out to make your black mane look extra sultry.

Violet Magenta Balayage

Brown Hair With Purple And Pink Balayage

Though hand painted dye jobs in unnatural shades are quite common nowadays, the intense magenta purple balayage is definitely out of the ordinary! If you’ve always wanted to upgrade your wardrobe to an edgier style, take your transformation to the next level with bright violet hair.

Deep Lavender Mermaid

Purple Blue Balayage For Black Hair

For ladies who appreciated mermaid hair but weren’t feeling pastel, this is a sexy version of the trend. The sultry charcoal transitions seamlessly into deep purples and would suit cool skin tones.

Lilac Unicorn Balayage

Long Pastel Purple Balayage Hair

Girly and glamorous, unicorn hair is popular for its tumblr-esque vibe. Besides the aesthetic goals of the style, lilac has longevity as well because it can work through all seasons.

Amethyst Purple Balayage

Curled Black With Purple Balayage Hair

Jewel tones are always alluring! This fantastical medley of amethyst would complement any skin tone, and it can also be worn throughout seasons changing up tints and unveiling more facets of your gorgeous dark purple balayage.

Are you convinced, yet? Partake in the hottest millennium hair technique with a cool girl color. Whether you’re going for sultry or girly, fun or fresh, feminine or edgy, there’s a shade of purple balayage ready to liven up your locks!