20 Must-Try Subtle Balayage Hairstyles


20. Dark Brown Hair with Cinnamon Balayage

Looking to switch up your basic, tonal locks without a full on commitment? You may want to give subtle balayage a chance. This style of highlighting applies color to only certain parts of the hair, specifically places where light catches or where color would fade out naturally.

By going subtle, you’re keeping your hair’s original base color without too much drastic change. Plus, it’s freehanded nature let’s you control how much shading you want to incorporate. While you’re totally in charge with balayage, you’re still open to having a little fun!

As you can see, a brunette balayage adds texture to one-dimensional brown hair. Where light would normally fall, hair is kissed with slightly lighter cinnamon shades for a vibrant effect.

Chocolate Brown Lob With Subtle Highlights