Blonde Hair Care and New Trends

How to Make Bleaching Less Traumatic for Hair?

Before After Bleaching Process

Blondes have more fun, as well as a struggle because we definitely need a special approach to hair care. Light locks can look both stunning and lifeless depending on how you look after them. Blonde specialist Rachel Williams shared tips, best products, and newest color trends exclusively for TRHs. She knows how to make blondes happy, so keep reading!

It’s important to research your stylist. If you’re going blonde or platinum, find a professional who specializes in blondes. Schedule a consultation, and be completely honest about your hair history, so your stylist can come up with the right approach to achieve the best color for you. Do in-salon hair treatments leading up to your appointment to ensure your hair is healthy and strong. Rachel prefers the Brazilianbondbuilder’s B3 Demi Permanent conditioning treatment.

6 Favorite Hair Products for Blondes

Hair Products For Blondes

We also asked Rachel to share her favorite hair products that help blondes achieve the best results and prolong time between appointments.

Blonde Hues for 2019

Blonde Hair Hues For 2019

You’re going to see a lot of creamy blondes, where cool tones and warm tones are blended together. This option goes with most skin tones and has a soft youthful look! Don’t fret though, platinum will still be strong, and more rooted, dimensional platinum blonde will be huge as well. All achieved by balayage, foilayage, and foiling techniques.

Hopefully, these tips will help you keep blonde locks healthy! You’re already a beauty guru if you wear a shiny blonde crown. Follow Rachel Williams on Instagram because she posts helpful tips together with aesthetically satisfying photos of her works.