8 Best Ways to Get Your Natural Hair Color Back

Get Balayage Highlights

Balayage Technique

There is no quick fix when it comes to going back to natural hair color after bleaching, but with a little patience and a plan, it can be done fairly easily.

Whether it’s learning how to get back to natural hair color with a low maintenance method, going for a much shorter cut or even figuring out how to get shiny hair whilst you’re going through the process, it’s a lot easier when you know how.

If you would like to know how to get your hair back to its natural color, here are a few tips that’ll help you do just that.

A good next step is getting your colorist to add blonde, brown or reddish balayage highlights; hand-painted highlights that’ll help the natural color showing through in your roots to blend seamlessly into the rest of your colored hair. If you’re looking for how to return your hair to its natural color by a fairly low maintenance approach, this could well be the one for you.

Use Root Concealers for Special Occasions

Root Concealer

When you’re going through the process of going back to natural hair color there might be times when you’d prefer to cover your roots, and there are options to do just that. Root concealers are a temporary solution, but they’re completely effective, and come in a variety of shades. There’re red and blonde shades, as well as dark tones – from brunette to brown and black. Some brands offer even unicorn colors. The best root concealers include creams, powders, sprays, and sticks. You can easily use these products at home and without damage.

Rock Grown Out Roots Because It’s a Trend!

Grown Out Dark Roots

At all other times, though, be proud of your root re-growth, because you’re totally on-trend! Take inspiration from celebrities with grown out roots, like Drew Barrymore, Ciara, and even Beyoncé, who have all rocked this style at some point. The best way to get your natural hair color back is to accept your reality, stop comparing yourself to others and love your grown out roots.

Get Regular Trims

Dry Cutting

While you’re growing out dyed hair you don’t need to feel totally stuck for things to do to your locks. You should still visit your stylist for regular trims. You need to keep hair fresh, especially over-processed ends. By going about your business as usual like this, you’ll find time passes quicker, and your hair will look better during the transition too.