Top 40 Catchy Asymmetrical Haircuts and Hairstyles


40. Mermaid Lovely

Are you bored with your current haircut? Doesn’t matter how long you have been wearing it, it’s time to introduce something new into your looks. Here I would suggest asymmetry. It works equally well for short, medium-length and long hair. Besides, you may be surprised, but even wavy hair or fine hair can benefit from it, and you’ll see how. I have collected 30 most showy haircuts with asymmetry and present them to your attention in this article.

You may decide one day that your favorite pixie or bob is the most flattering haircut for your face shape and life style. I am not going to convince you of the opposite. I’ve just thought that any common haircut looks trendier if it’s featuring asymmetry in bangs, front tresses or throughout the entire haircut contours.

Additionally, did you know that asymmetry is a potent tool to correct your face shape? Actually, any lines on a slant are elongating your face visually, so they are right to the point for round or square faces. As for perfect oval faces, they look awesome with any type of haircuts.

Commonly a short haircut is the best background for any asymmetric detail. Although shoulder-lengths and even longer haircuts are getting much more interesting if they are cut asymmetrically.

If you want to look fresh, chic and trendy, get inspired by one of the following looks.

Reminiscent of the ocean and all its romance, this gorgeous hairstyle is bright and captivating. Wavy hair looks incredible with asymmetrical styles, and it will definitely always be in style. This cut can actually go to any length you want – copy the look below, or go longer or shorter depending upon your personal preference.

asymmetrical hairstyle for wavy hair