20 Best Hairstyles for Women over 50 with Glasses

Cool Pixie with Undercut Sides

Cool Pixie With Undercut Sides

If you are in search of hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses, you are in the right place. We’ve gathered 20 perfect haircuts that go with different types of frames. The majority of women aged 50+ need vision correction, and these ladies show that eyeglasses may complement the look and make it even more stylish! Just choose spectacles that flatter your face shape and lifestyle, and get a modern youthful haircut.

Before cutting your hair, make sure you have the right glasses. Remember the pro-approved rule: complement your features with frames, soften and correct them. Square faces like curved, oval spectacles, round face shape — something more angular. Don’t forget to check the latest catwalk and celebrity trends to avoid dated models. Match frames with your hair color. Now, when you’ve chosen the right eyeglasses, you may move on to haircuts. Below you’ll find ideas for short, medium-length and long locks.

Pixie with Short Sides and Pompadour Bangs

Pixie With Short Sides And Pompadour Bangs

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Gray Lob with Long Parted Bangs

Gray Lob With Long Parted Bangs

Razored Pixie with Blue Highlights

Razored Pixie With Blue Highlights

Sassy Pixie with Trimmed Sides and Long Top

Sassy Pixie With Trimmed Sides And Long Top

Pixie Crop with Asymmetrical Bangs

Pixie Crop With Asymmetrical Bangs

Angled Bob with Bangs Hiding the Forehead

Angled Bob With Bangs Hiding The Forehead

Long Fine Hair with Clear Frame Glasses

Long Fine Hair With Clear Frame Glasses

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Asymmetrical Bob Tucked Behind the Ear

Asymmetrical Bob Tucked Behind The Ear

Very Short Edgy Pixie with Frames

Very Short Edgy Pixie With Frames

Medium-Length Hair with Thin Babylights

Medium-Length Hair With Thin Babylights

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Spiky Cut for Round Faces with Spectacles

Spiky Cut For Round Faces With Spectacles

Face-Framing Layered Haircut for 50-Year Olds

Face-Framing Layered Haircut For 50-Year Olds

Textured Bob with Feathered Layers

Textured Bob With Feathered Layers

Short Curly Hair with Colorful Eyewear

Short Curly Hair With Colorful Eyewear

Long Straight Two-Tone Locks

Long Straight Two-Tone Locks

Extra Short Vibrant Pixie

Extra Short Vibrant Pixie

Short Spiky Haircut with Sunglasses

Short Spiky Haircut With Sunglasses

Neck-Length Choppy Haircut

Neck-Length Choppy Haircut

Youthful Funky Pixie Cut with Long Sideburns

Youthful Funky Pixie Cut With Long Sideburns

Frames are a powerful fashion accessory, so any 50-year old woman will definitely look younger with modern glasses. However, a new stylish cut is a must too. Hairstyles depicted above pair well with almost all types of frames, which makes them a sure-fire solution for your next trip to the salon. Experiment!